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Suck Your mum
Alex killed the whole video
Jaden Day ago
(・ω・)つ⊂(・ω・) (ಠ‿ಠ)
Owen Griffis
Owen Griffis Day ago
god 5:30 has not aged very well
Mustafa Jalil
My science teachers name was Michelle Marriot
Adam Salam
Adam Salam Day ago
Memeulouses YT vids: *I hate Jake Paul.* RUvid channel: **All of it's is about Jake Paul** Memeulous, again: *I love Jake Paul.*
EmilyLousie Parry
I had an add about the same thing on this video ahah c
Mrfluffyice Day ago
What's the snowboard game called?
Do more of these videos
Elizabeth Lafford
The fact that he said that he was gay to humiliate him is sick like wtf let people love who they want
Knowledge Untamed
I'm Hitting Wyte Up Now
mo din
mo din Day ago
btw you showed his tik tok and most people have there youtube in the description of there tik tok soooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Charlie Savage
FBI open up durv
lamp post
lamp post Day ago
f0rb1den_shado w
I want me club penguin membership lmao
madness user
madness user Day ago
Elisocray made a video of him supposedly having covid-19
f0rb1den_shado w
Watching this 6 years later lmao
XD itsharkler
I actually feel bad for my self because these two dickgeads are for bd3
beef shreekk sksksksks
This is my 2nd time watching this and I JUST NOW noticed the guy in the corner if the screen...
Bram Evers
Bram Evers Day ago
That second guy is like really fat
WuKnowz Day ago
Video of Memeulous kicking off in Tesco instagram.com/p/B-hC65Gp2kc/?
Wacky Parsons
ay leave Scunthorpe alone ya prick 😂😂
Unhandy Day ago
2:46 is that markeplier
Jace Thomas
Jace Thomas Day ago
When jaystation was ranting he said bruh and bro more times than years the universe has existed
Tony Brian
Tony Brian Day ago
I went to his response video and he turned the comments off!!😂😂😂
WuKnowz Day ago
This is definitely Memeulous kicking off in Tesco instagram.com/p/B-hC65Gp2kc/?
Keith Wear
Keith Wear Day ago
Ur good
Wacky Parsons
I mean half these fuckers probably don’t know what they’re doing, it’s like when ur little bro finds diamonds before you on minecraft just lucky fuckers.
Black_Scape Day ago
Also, he needed boxing gloves
Erinn C-B
Erinn C-B Day ago
"I am muscular!" Sounds fresh outta y6 not gonna lie.
That one lonely freak
Don't diss our queen. #Lizzyforlife Lol
Nelson Herrmann
The first video that you did with neel kolhatkar, is a joke, hes taking the piss too hes a comedian look him up
Ya Boi
Ya Boi Day ago
I as an year eight feel very ofendet
FN_ Hxpe シ
FN_ Hxpe シ Day ago
NEAR Day ago
imallexx proves himself as the least funny member of the cc for 19 minutes straight
Mochii Day ago
“It’s 50/50 innit” SENT me
Nate Bopp
Nate Bopp Day ago
candyken is the weirdest person ever
Nen Jsms
Nen Jsms Day ago
Ayy hes playin siege
gg fixing xxbest
Emisockray why do you breath
Lindsay Gallant
i now wanna join dis server :/
Silly Milley17
Think I am now dead
gg fixing xxbest
Frick emisokray
Ecohobo Day ago
I rather watch a marshmallow than this powderpuff girl. Black is black and white is white.
Jack Oliver
Jack Oliver Day ago
i liked the giraffe.
Pixel Dude
Pixel Dude Day ago
Craig revel horwood be out here flexing
tamo drawing
tamo drawing Day ago
No one: Not even a single soul: Not even junko Enoshima the THRONE of despair: RUvid recommend : mickey mouse kills daisy while minnie is trying on a dress while eating a cake and minions dancing to Johnny Johnny yes papa and bungee jumping but one of them die
SCP Boy Day ago
Serene Dhaliwal
Memeulous: what planet are you on Me: just what are you on
Gavin Truong
Gavin Truong Day ago
me:watches hypehouse also me:When did i watch this video..
Ruth Douglas
Ruth Douglas Day ago
The only reason I get offended because of the mum thing is because mine is dead
Noah Boyle
Noah Boyle Day ago
Why did I get an ad for one of these courses during the video😂
Aneta Sarisska
WordedCrib Day ago
Serene Dhaliwal
I legit wore eight layers of shirts and said lots of shirts, lots of shirts, lots of fucking shirts
Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce Day ago
“FURRIES ARE WEIRD” me: *loads gun*
s walker09
s walker09 Day ago
Every comment in this comment section has the word gay
Minty Wolf Studios
My cousin is Czech and sings the Pokémon go song a lot
Lesbian Riley Ruckus
Peppa Pig is a socialist icon
Leonardo Russell
PLEASE make more of these
Ruth Douglas
Ruth Douglas Day ago
Memeulous is a nice guy wtf are these people being triggered like he is just playing video games 😂
armyporg Day ago
Why did I think it was imAllexx on the bedsheets
Vegan Meat
Vegan Meat Day ago
sounds like a flat earther
ItzzzMoxxxi X
1:08 they just stole a bumper car
M dot Tee
M dot Tee Day ago
I thought you were 6ft3 mate
Just Deathless
My friends draws herself as a furry should I be sacred
modest fetus gaming
Theyre not original they just copy jokes they made years ago
Leave me alone I know that I’m bad at this.
“Why are you GAE?”
Louise Strain
My favourite quote is "the fact that you are ugly is why you're a failure "
Katie Shepherd
so funny :D
Dr Mystic
Dr Mystic Day ago
Nah what you talking about mate killem travelled countries in a bubble and delivered himself.(he is fake I know)
beef shreekk sksksksks
Umm. There was no point of playing cool math cause that thing about it shutting down was fake...
Kristy Orlando
animal facts
animal facts Day ago
How to be Welsh: yoU nEeD tO LiStEn To tHe weLsH whIsPereR!
animal facts
animal facts Day ago
I am Welsh Why am I replying on my own comment?
Kookie’z and Milk
*i regret my existence.*
aqua gacha
aqua gacha Day ago
Might as well drink some clorox (not really)
Stephani with No E
A response to a response. RESPONSCEPTION
kai the crusader
Bruh I get up at 2:57 PM
Shahi Farsath
He makes prank Vids but all u so is jus hate on ppl
Shanefilms Day ago
So Eminem is Jesus’ grandpa? Hell, why not stop there!? Eminem is her dad, Jesus is her son, Barack Obama is her grandpa, Justin Bieber is her brother, Queen Elizabeth is her great aunt, and Channing Tatum is her uncle.
Juli Magnetto
I guess you could say she is a ... cohn artist
Cassood Day ago
Danielle comb danielle cone danielle gnome danielle foam and many more
Sylver Dynasty
Well done George!!!!! I'm proud! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Fluffy Feline Games
GraVII Day ago
2020 boys
Lesbian Riley Ruckus
I'm gonna sell my baby teeth as merch to outdo them.
Lena H.
Lena H. Day ago
07:13 @Pyrocynical in the black jacket with blond hair spotted
waldo Day ago
HungryShark 977
Morgz is actually apart of the DCEU
Fluffy Feline Games
fam he filming nothing because he's filming his family, they don't exist.
Gatorade me bro
What game is this
Gahie Zoukouba
IS THIS SOUTH LONDON *it is welcome to South london*
Ralph Hill
Ralph Hill Day ago
Irish probably worse
sanic da hegehog
he calls everybody else ugly when he looks like a frickin potato and his girlfriend looks like a waffle with poop yea cringe but i hate this dude and couldnt think of anything else original
Sirjan Limbu
Sirjan Limbu Day ago
I tried this and it was shite. No one listened and I realised I couldn’t even do half the work cause it was too retarded 😔
Agnieszka Skarzynska
I wont som more it s funny
kops Day ago
immediately when i saw that he's a white lad with a hoodie that says "konnichiwa" I knew this was going to be a bad ride
Hell Day ago
Omg jtube❕❕😭 I watch him and his mate foktv 🤣🤣
ya boi midget
Oi anpigeon im Scottish and half Welsh mate shut it!
Captain Smith Comics
The Morgz Cinematic Universe is my second favorite cinematic universe of all time.
Mr. Zeni
Mr. Zeni Day ago
the bingo sheet was for reading him like a book lol