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Żelka SSO
Żelka SSO 4 minutes ago
Billie 🖤
Khii SG
Khii SG 8 minutes ago
I'm about to go in the movie theater to watch this movie right now
Cosmin Contra
Cosmin Contra 11 minutes ago
Amazing Stories + the pretty Victoria Pedretti. Definitely must watch it
Hansy 13 minutes ago
Nathan Wakeford
Nathan Wakeford 17 minutes ago
Very good Training for band may be the best yet we have to see
Travel Rocks Our World
Travel Rocks Our World 17 minutes ago
Sorry to say guys it does look a bit boring, especially with all the other great content that is coming out these day. But as I always say I'll watch it before I make my mind up about it.
TheKkd123 27 minutes ago
I only click this thumbnail because the guy looks like Channing Tatum.. SMFH. Thumbs down..
Alexander Zalachenko
Alexander Zalachenko 23 minutes ago
Can you imagine reaching this level of stupidity?
Nicolas Bocchino
Nicolas Bocchino 27 minutes ago
“You à double-0? Two years” “stay in your lane or I’ll put a bullet in your knee.” Stupid ass thinks she’s in James Bond’s league. Lol
IAN WOLF TV 29 minutes ago
Bat, vampire, match!
DIPPER 30 minutes ago
Прости эцио мы все проебали
10K Subs In 2020 Challenge
Daniel Craig: "Skyfall is my last James Bond" Also Daniel Craig: " Spectre is my last James Bond." Also Daniel Craig:
Bruce White
Bruce White 41 minute ago
Al Pacino?
Alejandro Alartiz
Alejandro Alartiz 48 minutes ago
Anthology horror movies are BACK!!!
Sanu Bala
Sanu Bala 48 minutes ago
I'll, take this as a sequel from joker movie
Tuber 52
Tuber 52 48 minutes ago
I want back to the future part 4!!!
Varun Manivannan
Varun Manivannan 48 minutes ago
This definitely has Netflix Daredevil vibes to it !
John Anes
John Anes 48 minutes ago
I remember watching Spielberg's Amazing Stories series on TV when I was a kid and loved it! I'm Excited to see the reboot!
Rapid Trailer
Rapid Trailer 49 minutes ago
Here's the trailer for #AmazingStories! Enjoy and leave a like!
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
If it’s a Spielberg creation, it’s going to be fire
ajax201 Hour ago
Inside no 9
ajax201 Hour ago
Matthew Nicolai
Awesome! Batman is op as fuck, but shit this looks amazing.
Eliška Vselá
Why Billie Eilish???
The Truth
The Truth Hour ago
Imran Hakim
Imran Hakim Hour ago
I’m sorry but it’s too slow and boring
Johnny Hutchcraft
Next one should be China
Silver Icerose
Mimir really had vast knowledge...
Jarvis 2 hours ago
Billie, at 18, became so famous that people came to see the new 007 trailer because of her new song, instead of the movie making her famous. Let that sink in. Good job girl😊
Devil Shoez
Devil Shoez 2 hours ago
This movie was fucking EXCELLENT! Proper Lebowski side story.
danyal mughal
danyal mughal 2 hours ago
which movie you prefer to watch no time to die or fast and furious 9
Armando B
Armando B 2 hours ago
John Turturro looks like a middle aged Al Pacino.
HelpdeskHonky 2 hours ago
This looks absolutely ridiculous. I can't wait to see it.
teacup 2 hours ago
Watched this movie everything about it was great except the dialogue. The writing was the biggest weakness
theycallmejeff 2 hours ago
So are we just expected to believe that he never met his w... nevermind
• Ciboulette •
• Ciboulette • 3 hours ago
It’s just me or a lot of decor are in Inception too??
Jeremy Griffin
Jeremy Griffin 3 hours ago
That was pointless
Fat Cat
Fat Cat 3 hours ago
Matthew McConaughey has been method acting for this role his whole life .
Nagendra Naga
Nagendra Naga 3 hours ago
King of Domic book.Batman is back wooooooowwwwww!!!!!1
Kevin kay
Kevin kay 3 hours ago
This movie is s***..🤬🤬🤬
Louis ckb
Louis ckb 4 hours ago
Cara gambar harley quinn dari kata harley nih m.ruvid.net/video/video-VSUsHL06si0.html
BLK MAGNETO 5 hours ago
Please don't have short Bat Ears!😞
BLK MAGNETO 5 hours ago
"EDWARD!" is that you??? From JACOB 🤣
DeathStalkerJ 5 hours ago
I just don't see the fairy as Batman he has no personality and stinks as an actor
Pablito_12 Pp
Pablito_12 Pp 5 hours ago
I'm copping that
Pablito_12 Pp
Pablito_12 Pp 5 hours ago
I was so happy bruh
Real Nova
Real Nova 5 hours ago
Idk about you but for me the bad CGI and ridicolous look actualy make it more intaresting and funny
Atelier Iris
Atelier Iris 6 hours ago
Interstellar Woman?
Hiwa Yildirim
Hiwa Yildirim 7 hours ago
Such a shit movie I had to leave 1 hour early
Sotiris Mitzolis
Sotiris Mitzolis 7 hours ago
Thats the nat l know and love.
Clone199Trooper 7 hours ago
I know that I say this alot, but.... I got a good feeling about this movie
CookiesAndCream 2020
2:22 Nature is messed up these days 🤦🏻‍♀️
Overseer 7 hours ago
Kinda looks like the Arkham Knight Batsuit which if that's the case then F**K YEAH!!
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
Coming soon
Haloalohababe 7 hours ago
Yayie Ali
Yayie Ali 8 hours ago
Surprisingly good. Top notch performance from Eddie Marsan. Quite impressed with his acting and the plot is quite decent. Very well done.
alatriste2222 8 hours ago
So much ignorance about how good of an actor Pattinson is. I mean, I worked in more movies after Twilight. Great movies. And he does an amazing job on them.
Prabhu Kannan
Prabhu Kannan 8 hours ago
Kids : Captian marvel Men's : Captain America Legends : Jack Sparrow Legends ++ : Deadpool
Johnny Salery
Johnny Salery 8 hours ago
You gotta admit, Robert definitely has the jawline part cover 👍
bb kingme
bb kingme 9 hours ago
Theyre tryna make john cena as big as the rock so bad and its horrible. He aint good. Stop forcing him in movies. Its no character in him. Hes jus a roid man doing stuff. Better off usin mr tee
Dean Talamantes
Dean Talamantes 9 hours ago
I have a really good feeling about this movie there is such a distinct vibe to it already i feel like it's going to be completely different than what fans are used to but i'm a good way hopefully it'll inspire a director to finally give us batman beyond
TM JRD 9 hours ago
Enjoyed the 1st movie not as much as the sequal.
haydar kaplan
haydar kaplan 9 hours ago
alayınızı sevgiyle selamlıyorum
老司機學英文 10 hours ago
Wyatt Lee
Wyatt Lee 10 hours ago
J C 10 hours ago
Garbage! called it.
Dolores Duenas
Dolores Duenas 10 hours ago
just watched this.. reminded me a lot of X men . It was so confusing in the beginning but after an hour into it , it all starts making sense. from 1-10 I give it a 7 1/2
Adiva Machdy
Adiva Machdy 10 hours ago
Did i just saw James bond vs Freddie mercury
Beth Taylor
Beth Taylor 10 hours ago
Chrissaiyanjojo8487 knight
Is Harley Quinn the DEADPOOL Of this Movie? I mean being a comic relief and breaking the fourth wall? But good percentages of this Movie now we just need to see BLACK WIDOW!
Moscow Time
Moscow Time 11 hours ago
Pattinson in role Batman ? ? ? Its a stupid JOKE !!!
therizkid 404
therizkid 404 11 hours ago
I think he needs to get a little more buff for this. skinny dude with the deep Batman voice making threats to joker is not going to be an exciting scene to watch. i hope he works out and gains that Batman physique.
Alexa Cortes
Alexa Cortes 11 hours ago
James: do you think it's going to explode? Alyssa:this isn't a film Car:just explodes
Eugene Medina
Eugene Medina 11 hours ago
Man I feel real sad 😞....jackie is getting old . I am gonna become depressed when he dies 😖. I always was a huge fan since I was 7yrs old
Eugene Medina
Eugene Medina 11 hours ago
Hmmm I always loved Jackie maybe a bit more than Arnold bc I was into martial arts but I feel like the two action stars aren’t a very good match together in movie
chubbycrow 12 hours ago
What's the song
sumomad 12 hours ago
Fred durst is either a mad man or a genius. In 10-20 years this is gonna be a cult classic. Mark my words. I don’t know how I feel about it lol. It’s so good but so dumb . So funny but so retarded.
Aiim 12 hours ago
I have seen the movie ❤️😍
Jeffaniel Aashish
Jeffaniel Aashish 12 hours ago
Thor, Harley Quinn, Jor-El, Wolverine and Batwoman. Noice.
Shawn Lucas
Shawn Lucas 13 hours ago
NYC cast.
Ryan Is an idiot
Ryan Is an idiot 13 hours ago
This movie is my favorite kids movie
Anti Symboi
Anti Symboi 13 hours ago
I literally could not care less about this movie, but my heart started RACING when I saw the graffiti of Sam Raimi's Spiderman.
Jared Foresman
Jared Foresman 13 hours ago
I just watched “The Foreigner” and thought; “Wow Jackie Chan has gotten even better in his old age.” Then I see this trailer. Never mind.
Leo Todd
Leo Todd 14 hours ago
So we know what kid is gonna hit the game winner
James Flores
James Flores 14 hours ago
He is going to suck as batman 👎
Ebenezer Scrooge
Ebenezer Scrooge 14 hours ago
HAAA HA HA HAAA SJWs of Prey flopped big time. Time to collect on some bets with salty soyboys! I'm gonna be so rich!
MIXED FaMe#2066
MIXED FaMe#2066 14 hours ago
Guy: his just resting Cop: in peacies that man is dead Me: what the cop said
MIXED FaMe#2066
MIXED FaMe#2066 14 hours ago
Guy: today is gonna be different Moive: gets fuked up by other guy
Mountain Metal
Mountain Metal 14 hours ago
Feminism ruined Hollywood.
Glenn Sparks
Glenn Sparks 14 hours ago
I love Jackie, been a fan since I was a child, BUT i have no fucking clue what the plot of this movie is lol...
Aztec Dinero
Aztec Dinero 14 hours ago
What in thee fuck...
Grenadeh 14 hours ago
This actually looks good and it's not because I live in Texas. And I also am kind of anti Laura Dern now after Last Jedi. Gonna watch it though.
Kevin's 3D Creations
shadow01 15 hours ago
0:58 cocaine's a hell of a drug!
Solaire 15 hours ago
abraham lincoln
abraham lincoln 15 hours ago
tun tun
tun tun 15 hours ago
I thought jackie chan died at the age of 63
Tell DA Great88
Tell DA Great88 15 hours ago
Long as it's not Ben Affleck I think the movie has a chance.
Beyali Verdiyev
Beyali Verdiyev 15 hours ago
We getting an angry, smart and full detective mode batman!
Thordan 15 hours ago
Looks boring.....
KING RUHUL 15 hours ago
This movie remind me of another Jackie Chan movie called around the world in 80 days. And yeh Mr Arnold was there.