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The Dope Show
The Dope Show 3 hours ago
I straight up cried
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez 4 hours ago
Wait that was the first thing that was playing from descendants 3 Audrey that's so weird what the heck it's making me possessed
Hong Fei Bai
Hong Fei Bai 5 hours ago
Looks like Kevin Owens at 1:08.
Hong Fei Bai
Hong Fei Bai 5 hours ago
Looks like Miles was arrested after he got the guns unbolted from his hands.
Miguel D
Miguel D 5 hours ago
“Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:” ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭15:1-4‬
Mr. BlobBERRY 6 hours ago
What if free guy end up being a video game, it would be the next gta
EleFantMonty 6 hours ago
Superbad: The Next Gen
Hardy 7 hours ago
What is the name of song??
Jeremy Thompson
Jeremy Thompson 7 hours ago
Terrible fucking movie. If u haven't seen it dont even waste your time
Bryan Verucci
Bryan Verucci 7 hours ago
Already done queen and slim
Ranaveer Paul-XB
Ranaveer Paul-XB 8 hours ago
Indian parenting would have solved all the issues.
Aj Ravo
Aj Ravo 9 hours ago
Deadpool, green lantern, now...
udlock9 9 hours ago
mmm American white kids in Asian skin, mmm must be real authentic culture experience... HELL NO! I am Chinese and this is offensive.
VIP SHQIPET 9 hours ago
2:15 why does he like to me like Robert Downey Jr,or it is him?? 😯
Matteo Ramos
Matteo Ramos 10 hours ago
Mr 0wl hoodini
Mr 0wl hoodini 10 hours ago
I wish i wasn't scared of horror movies
Apolloyon Morningstar
Henry Cavill as Jack the Ripper.
itz_plaZma 11 hours ago
dafoe is goat 💯
Cosmic Entity
Cosmic Entity 11 hours ago
nice trailer
Umaru Why?
Umaru Why? 11 hours ago
Imagine this is Scott’s way of Fnaf in real life
Lala Land
Lala Land 11 hours ago
Is Jared actually a good actor?
saul lopez
saul lopez 13 hours ago
Misha barton Is an excellent way to know that the movie will be bad. And Denisse Is just the last nail in the coffin
Grim Blithe
Grim Blithe 13 hours ago
Great movie
regina phalange
regina phalange 13 hours ago
I liked this movie. It's deep but warms you up to it lol. The ending had me speechless, very powerful. But just to be safe I'm sleeping with the lights on tonight. Again😭 I get scared so easily
jacob traicoff
jacob traicoff 13 hours ago
Fucking retarded nazis
Nestor Santos
Nestor Santos 14 hours ago
Lars 686
Lars 686 14 hours ago
Money isn't everything money definitely isn't everything
Lars 686
Lars 686 14 hours ago
I didn't mind being poor I mean I was living on my own so whatever I had gotten it myself I had two jobs that summer and worked 60 hours a week for the entire summer yeah it sucks but I don't know it wasn't as bad as I don't know I don't know what the show is about
Kate Attenboro
Kate Attenboro 14 hours ago
Looks like pure trash to me. Ugh!🤮
wedson francis Bento
Belos filmes💯👌
Mark Burt
Mark Burt 15 hours ago
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Dominic Flores
Dominic Flores 16 hours ago
baba boi
Reaper Productions
Reaper Productions 16 hours ago
Ishi Ong
Ishi Ong 16 hours ago
The amount of dislikes on this pleases me
Luis R.
Luis R. 17 hours ago
Utter garbage. Just watched on Hulu, I will be suing them for time theft
Danish Qamar
Danish Qamar 17 hours ago
Waste of time
alina mallick
alina mallick 17 hours ago
I want back my 1 hour 40 mint😭 Guyz don't watch this movie....worst movie i ever seen in my entire life.... Just fuck off his dricter 😡😡😡😠😠😠😠
DewGaming 17 hours ago
The older bond movies/series had more charisme over them, than the modern ones. I stopped watching after the first Daniel Craig bond movie, he just don't give out the same vibes and entertainment for the character as Brosnan, Sean and Roger did. They made the character alive on a other level.
jkyia01 18 hours ago
Please don't watch this with your parents. The whole movie has some girls tits in ur face. Then at one part it turns to a porno. I wish i would of never put this on in front of my family lmboooo
gaetano palumbo
gaetano palumbo 18 hours ago
it is fnaf done badly
Faysal Ahmed
Faysal Ahmed 19 hours ago
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suresh jhnanveen
suresh jhnanveen 19 hours ago
I think waste movie sorry Waste of time
aris wahyudi
aris wahyudi 19 hours ago
Film nya udah rilis belum si,kok aku nonton cover(the mysteri of the dragon seal)beda film nya.
Stephanie Karavas
Stephanie Karavas 20 hours ago
the real
Neko Nikole
Neko Nikole 20 hours ago
Что за фильм? Нигде нет в интернете такого фильма с именно этим названием
Sharuf Almahmud
Sharuf Almahmud 20 hours ago
Astagfirullah,we seek Allah protection.
LudOo Sve - T
LudOo Sve - T 20 hours ago
Really Really Bad Film, never seen so a s*** before... 🤮🤮
shannon middleton
shannon middleton 21 hour ago
I'm hoping to meet you
Ana Claudia Ribeiro De Carvalho
Banana eats movie lol
James Kiely
James Kiely 22 hours ago
I thought this movie was good, trailer doesn't do it justice
Klown 22 hours ago
Ready player one meet Lego movie...with ryan reynolds!!
jose hiram chong perez
Alela Sertsu
Alela Sertsu 22 hours ago
alpha m
Daniel 22 hours ago
Hey if there’s any silent sniper I’m in
張先生 23 hours ago
I love,s John Cena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I3obby 420
I3obby 420 23 hours ago
This movie is so bad !!!
briken_myzeqari C
briken_myzeqari C 23 hours ago
And his name is TARZAN
Jackson Harris
Jackson Harris 23 hours ago
Just imagine Stallone and Schwarzenegger do a lit action movie together 🔥🔥🔥 . . . . . . ........but fighting as opponents 👊🏻👊🏻. Who would win ? 😍
Ryan James Tabiliran
this is the FORTNITE movie
LeAnn Gates
LeAnn Gates Day ago
Very good movie!!!!
FredSans Day ago
0_0 why. This show I loved The banana splits are now evil? why? WHY?!
【 D A Y D R E A M 】
Is it just me or elle kinda looks like mary
Justin Anderson
Fuck these comments I watch scary movies every night of my life and this movie was HELLA scary!
lio Day ago
Disappointing ending.. when its intresting they do a cut and it goes like 1 year forward.. not even showed what happened and according to google its not even based on real events but they set it up like its real
This is like a movie for gta
Barry Mohammed
ruvid.net/video/video-Gs77Vzc63ok.html....Jesus is Lord...
CrZyTashN Day ago
This is the worlds shittest movie, save your precious time and don’t watch this!
HyperIon Day ago
I wonder if this movie is about what happens when they give an npc a bigger story. Or maybe they made an npc into a free playable character, hence "free guy".
Joe A
Joe A Day ago
Horrible movie!!! Two hours I can never get back.
Akosi Aya
Akosi Aya Day ago
It seems like, Taken 1,2 and 3 😁
Vvvv Vvvv
Vvvv Vvvv Day ago
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Ariel Mejia
Ariel Mejia Day ago
Luna Angel
Luna Angel Day ago
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Just watch the Thai horror film, Shutter. It's actually amazing.
Paras Singh
Paras Singh Day ago
What corona couldn't..
Anna Gold
Anna Gold Day ago
on demand has this movie but the description is about a son predicting three world ending events and his son protecting him. me and my.mom thought it was cool so we started watching it and it was this movie. I really liked it though but i am so confussed
Guto Silva
Guto Silva Day ago
first of all:ew second of all:EW
Ken Behrendt
Ken Behrendt Day ago
Any movie with an actress (and producer) in it named "Li Bingbing" caught my attention and so I watched it. It gets off to a slow start and I thought it would be boring. NO! Give it twenty minutes until the rescue team finds an underground system of tunnels leading the a subterranean temple built by a 2,000 year Chinese Emperor obsessed with immortality and finding a elixir to achieve it. This is an Australian / Chinese film that incorporates many of the special effects we all saw in the "Indiana Jones" movies. Although low budget, you'd never guess if from the look of the film. Very well done, imo. Technically, it's a monster movie, but the monsters are nasty tarantula type spiders that were specially bred 2,000 years ago to be really aggressive and have venom that is twice as deadly as the most venomous spider venom now known. Apparently, during their mating season, these spiders secret an enzyme that is needed to make the immortality elixir. They also like to attack by the thousands and are led by a much larger "general" spider. How dangerous are they? When they get really hungry they can attack a herd of cattle and kill them all! Now imagine a woman scientist searching for her missing brother and her small group of companions making their way through a tunnel complex loaded with these spiders! The recreation of the buried Chinese artifacts in this film is really well done. If one is looking for an adventure / horror type flicks, then this one won't disappoint.
Andre Campbell
Enough with the GOT jokes man, I came here for the reviews and opinions on this show....