5-Minute Crafts TEENS
5-Minute Crafts TEENS
5-Minute Crafts TEENS
Cool and simple everyday crafts and life hacks that will definitely surprise you and your friends! Join us on 5-Minute Crafts Teens!
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Danish Chaudhary
Black Nazareth
These hacks are going over and over
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Anouk Vollmuller
7:01 beautifal.....
Ayesha Abid
Ayesha Abid Hour ago
Wmdm UK ccdirioir3cfirie93orioriuffirirjfc
Yash Talathi
Yash Talathi Hour ago
Watch at o.25x 👍!
Muniba Bashir
Muniba Bashir 2 hours ago
Can u please not repeat the crafts over and over again because it is really annoying thank you
Maddy B
Maddy B 2 hours ago
ok boomer
Gerta Elshani
Gerta Elshani 2 hours ago
I love this video ♥♥♥
WynXD 2 hours ago
how is this sht ‘viral’
GREENZII 2 hours ago
0:18 it's 12×2= 32 Then O:24 it's 12×2= 24 Magic
Luror Luror
Luror Luror 2 hours ago
кто русский? ! ! сюда
Muavia's Art
Muavia's Art 2 hours ago
Lovely amezing #Muaviaart
Bindu Rahman
Bindu Rahman 2 hours ago
I read commends
Samirsho Eshonov
Samirsho Eshonov 2 hours ago
All Time Creations
All Time Creations 2 hours ago
Wow #Alltimecreations
karolina pazdzior
karolina pazdzior 3 hours ago
Lol do goooooood
watchit!? 3 hours ago
What happened just now!!!!!! I was here a sec ago with 1 view and now it's showing 580 views So fast 5 minute craft
Elite Gaming
Elite Gaming 3 hours ago
Oh I was first here
manju kuravatti
manju kuravatti 3 hours ago
10th comments
UmaPathi Himalaya
UmaPathi Himalaya 3 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-yXCym0B_EuU.html പകപോക്കാൻ snake revenge
Lea Hager
Lea Hager 3 hours ago
Why can you draw so perfectly?!😲🤩 (Sry,I know that my english is bad😓) But love you're videos❤️
watchit!? 3 hours ago
1 view and 11 likes Life is so unfair 💔 My channel was opened 4 months back back and I have 6 likes
Dipali Mate
Dipali Mate 3 hours ago
Yar...speed should be normal..
GihanFineArts - Abstract ART
Who’s been a LOYAL fan of 5-MINUTE Crafts TEENS before 2019?!🤟🏼 😉 👇🏻 . . . . . I’m trying to hit 4k!any help is appreciated💫
Cindy chelia chan
Cindy chelia chan 3 hours ago
Third commen third like
• a e s t h e t i c •
@Elite Gaming Cindy
Elite Gaming
Elite Gaming 2 hours ago
@• a e s t h e t i c • who
Cindy chelia chan
Cindy chelia chan 2 hours ago
Oh sorry my youtube error
• a e s t h e t i c •
You were third
Elite Gaming
Elite Gaming 2 hours ago
@Cindy chelia chan what
Gosia S
Gosia S 3 hours ago
Elite Gaming
Elite Gaming 3 hours ago
First view and comment my lucky day
• a e s t h e t i c •
Wow you really were first.
Crazy Roilan
Crazy Roilan 3 hours ago
What if there ia no metals,knife.bottles
Nilda Dimasuay
Nilda Dimasuay 3 hours ago
Thats great craft 😍😍😍😍😍
Gachafox 2009
Gachafox 2009 3 hours ago
You can't cheat at school
ory smorey
ory smorey 3 hours ago
Girl: out of toothpaste Me: I wonder why Girl: uses it on Windows,face,dishes (This is a joke not hate comment)
It's HK
It's HK 3 hours ago
9:01 I always do this
Naughty kids veri thanam
But the answers are still wrong
zDev 4 hours ago
0:23 thats noy a foodie , thats boomer
Md Omor Tighr
Md Omor Tighr 4 hours ago
Sophie Art
Sophie Art 4 hours ago
Sophie Art
Sophie Art 4 hours ago
👧🏽 👚 👖
Patricia Dechos
Patricia Dechos 4 hours ago
*The part where the girl was shopping I was very annoyed!!! because do you know that our earth is dying? If you do, why do you use a lot of plastic??! Our *WORLD* IS *DYING* DUE TO *USING* *SINGLE* *USE* *PLASTIC* !!!!*
Hf Uy
Hf Uy 4 hours ago
I think she really need a diet now
sundar sham
sundar sham 4 hours ago
NekoGirl Nyan 3
NekoGirl Nyan 3 4 hours ago
Has anyone found that pump thing at 8:43? Cuz I really wanna know what it is
BlueGamer 48
BlueGamer 48 4 hours ago
Who else almost yeeted their phones out the window after seeing pennywise... 😵😵😵😩😩😩 Just me? Ok....
Лайт А.К.
Лайт А.К. 4 hours ago
8:16 you can cocking ice cream for people! 😂
Jesse Lanre
Jesse Lanre 4 hours ago
8:50 knife aren't allowed in school
Marga's Vlog
Marga's Vlog 5 hours ago
At 1:52 the shoe size is 39 later on 2:08 the size is 40 putok
Chinh chinh Chinh liễu
I watched it late!!!huhu 😭😭😭
CLOUD KOOKIE 5 hours ago
Omg the 1st and 2nd idea is all i need
The allissonmac channel UwU
Leez Jnn
Leez Jnn 6 hours ago
the girl so rud
Leez Jnn
Leez Jnn 6 hours ago
them is so rude
obi1kanobi R
obi1kanobi R 6 hours ago
3:24 i know this is part of a kindness act...but I ship it😍
Shannon H
Shannon H 6 hours ago
Ok boomer
Learn to be a very good criminal thieves in 5 minutes
Cindy Cere Reznicek
Love it 👍👏
Janhavi Parate
Janhavi Parate 6 hours ago
At 0:18 ,12×2 = 32 but at 0:25 12×2 =24. Hmmm MAGIC
Raul Laht
Raul Laht 7 hours ago
I fell asleep watching this vid.
Nishat Nourin
Nishat Nourin 7 hours ago
Cheating is not good
silly squad
silly squad 7 hours ago
that boy that was on the second thing is hair looked like he was is a explosion
ANR 7 hours ago
🧑🏻 👕 👖 This is Ben, he has no friends One like = one friend 👈🏻Im road to 1k, any help would be appreciated
Itz Wolfie
Itz Wolfie 6 hours ago
Disliked it
Itz Wolfie
Itz Wolfie 6 hours ago
ANR Bruh, you’re such a stupid beggar
Cat Woman
Cat Woman 7 hours ago
0:18 It's so fake!!! First the answer of the question was written 32, then it switched to 24! They changed sheets!
Nirelle Montanez
Nirelle Montanez 7 hours ago
How is this 5 minute crafts "TEENS?" It's for everybody!
MiMi GO 7 hours ago
5-Minute Crafts TEENS
Anamaria Perez
Anamaria Perez 8 hours ago
Hungry 😀😃😄😁
manish jain
manish jain 8 hours ago
One of your best videos Shows a chain of real humanity. 👌👌
mapuia mobile
mapuia mobile 8 hours ago
Why do i watch this video it make me hungryyyy🌰🍉🌰🍘🍫🍫🍰🍩🍦🍮🍫🍫🍭🍬🍞🍞
?Chorey Gachã¿
?Chorey Gachã¿ 8 hours ago
I do all these and I'm 11 lol 😂
Miguek Angelo
Miguek Angelo 8 hours ago
why now all people ask likes?
Arts & crafts TV
Arts & crafts TV 8 hours ago
So super nice 👌😍👍
Arts & crafts TV
Arts & crafts TV 8 hours ago
Excellent 👍👌👏
Arts & crafts TV
Arts & crafts TV 8 hours ago
Super cool 😎👌👍
Arts & crafts TV
Arts & crafts TV 8 hours ago
Nice 👌👍😊
Payton's Cloudy channel
Hmm I dont see my mouse anywhere on the computer screen oh maybe that's because there is no computer
Did anyone noticed that on 0:24 the question said 12 × 2 = 36 but then on 0:26 it said 12 × 2 = 24...its not a hack it's a trick....
Vanessa Tarcak
Vanessa Tarcak 8 hours ago
Waiters be like: “awww you won’t be able to finish all that!” Honey try me, I’ll probably finish your family’s meal while at it 😂
Elizabeth Mandujano
Sale lo mismo
yeet and delete
yeet and delete 9 hours ago
Um if you choose to survive where are you gonna find a coke bottle
Bintu Borat
Bintu Borat 9 hours ago
Nice vedio
Tania Segovia
Tania Segovia 9 hours ago
53k views BUT 53k likes XD
That made no sence
YouTube Studio Maker
Ok i get rhe Bad Grades one,But if it was real,then how were gonna make the answer look like they are correct?
Kevin Dias
Kevin Dias 9 hours ago
Hats off
Rafiya Akter Rakha
Rafiya Akter Rakha 10 hours ago
Thank you so much 😘😘😘😘😘😘 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
JosePh 10 hours ago
11:30 Who will think of doing that, really is very stupid
_XP PPT_ 10 hours ago
pang kexin
pang kexin 10 hours ago
I love the videos
IamTayLikeDat 10 hours ago
Who already knew about 1:15 👇Click here if you already knew
misiekPRO yt
misiekPRO yt 10 hours ago
For. Difficult this mathematics for my mathematics muse. It's a level-out than my muse
Diy Slime
Diy Slime 10 hours ago
I love those ideas💜
spicy games
spicy games 10 hours ago
This took 11 minutes out of my time
:v :3
:v :3 10 hours ago
Porque no puedo comer muchas cosas xD
Tooba Khan
Tooba Khan 11 hours ago
Valeria Ledezma
Valeria Ledezma 11 hours ago
Payton Carpenter
Payton Carpenter 11 hours ago
i love these videos they are sooooo amazing ❤️
Deva Al Farabi
Deva Al Farabi 11 hours ago
JJ Lee Vlogs
JJ Lee Vlogs 11 hours ago
No views but 7 likes?
Janesa Idk
Janesa Idk 7 hours ago
That's not what i ment i ment nobody's asking who's first or who's last ON COMMENDING YOU IDIOT
@Janesa Idk who cares whether you are first or last
Janesa Idk
Janesa Idk 9 hours ago
No one asked
Dale Bagondol
Dale Bagondol 11 hours ago
The best ever 😍💕💕
Poem Franco 2
Poem Franco 2 11 hours ago
GEORGE BROWN 11 hours ago
Cyber_expert01 on I. G Just finished fixing my business password 👍