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Its steadily-growing portfolio includes franchises such as Magicka, War of the Roses, Cities in Motion, and the critically acclaimed Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, Victoria and the Hearts of Iron series.
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etty77 18 minutes ago
Godfrey the First King and KNIGHT of JERUSALEM!!!!!
CodeBlue Archives
CodeBlue Archives 24 minutes ago
Paradox. I'm telling you right now. If you cater to the woke crowd and remove anything that makes the franchise great, you will be shitting all over it. If the game offends the wokes, then they can just not buy it. Plain and simple. No one has time for their nonsense, and if you ruin your game, you'll feel it when people refuse to buy it. Don't shoot yourselves in the foot. It's not worth it.
Scott Webb
Scott Webb Hour ago
So will Gwen Stefani be in this game seeing as she never ages?
H1b1k1 5 hours ago
when your DLC didn't activate
Just some bread
Just some bread 9 hours ago
I never purge the other empires when I play as a determined exterminator. I instead use chemical processing to slowly and painfully turn them into energy!
Just some bread
Just some bread 9 hours ago
What if Stellaris is in the same universe as all of Paradox's past games, such as city skylines?
Theodore Smith
Theodore Smith 12 hours ago
The animations make the models look like dolls which actually kinda fits with the vibe.
Universaldenker 12 hours ago
Gothic 2 🤩
Sedurnas 14 hours ago
I like how she looks. Facial expressions need work, but generally she looks even more pissed this time around!
Jezebel Exotics
Jezebel Exotics 14 hours ago
I looked on amazon for preorder and it says it’ll be available in December.. hmm does that mean release date?? 🤔
Shah Jahan
Shah Jahan 16 hours ago
Florian B
Florian B 16 hours ago
This is very good. Im in anticipation for the game. :D
daniel anderson234
daniel anderson234 16 hours ago
NO STELLARIS? well...didnt watch the full video.... watched 56seconds
daniel anderson234
daniel anderson234 17 hours ago
yet we have fuckers still waging war on ourselves , hunger is a problem in society ,tbh, i can go on, we are indeed fucked, and need to look at fiction, to make it reality, and to make a name in the universe, and if we are indeed alone, the universe is our oyster :D
giovanni scaramucci
giovanni scaramucci 17 hours ago
he reminds me so much Stellaris
Kujamon 17 hours ago
CK soundtracks are so awesome
Aron Jensen
Aron Jensen 18 hours ago
I would love to see a shittyflute version of this
Ant Homer
Ant Homer 18 hours ago
Why I clicked: to get a summary of the game changes since I haven't played in a while and wanted to update myself. Why I subscribed: Groogy is the handsomest nerd I've ever seen and I must see more.
Felygame04 19 hours ago
I Live In Florida So Paradox Has Made My Day With Snowfall
MrKodachii 20 hours ago
Did it look like a bit of bioshock in there?
R.C. Romo
R.C. Romo 22 hours ago
Absolutely beautiful, such talented folks.
Ramistrov 22 hours ago
Fantastic, simply fantastic!
EPIC VIDEOS 23 hours ago
this is a masterpiece!
Guy Dahan
Guy Dahan 23 hours ago
1:07 He looks like Berlin from "Money Heist"
Felix Johns
Felix Johns 23 hours ago
We present an Utopia ecosystem that will change the way the World communicates and handles financial transactions.
Sheridan Fighter34
1942 Soviet Struggle 2020 Soviet struggles covid 19 army but they will defeat covid china
Moinsen Day ago
Blayze Day ago
"On second thought , let’s not claim the Holy Land. ‘Tis a silly place."
MrFredstt Day ago
Will there ever be a sequel to this great game?
CRAZYD4VE87 Day ago
I hope we can go out during day as thin bloods, that'd be cool
legend11211 Day ago
Man I miss playing the French horn sometimes
Weimarska Day ago
"Your world can end in a blink of an eye. One event unexpected twist of fate... and suddenly the world as you knew.... is gone. Forever. All that you held dear, all that you held close... is washed away in a sea of distant memory"
Gabriel Mármol
9:19 Stellaris 2 Confirmed
سيف الدولة
Very nice tune! Stay away!!1
Trex Day ago
This is my favorite soundtrack now
Matthew Galea
Ah yes, corpgoths
Dr. Vikyll
Dr. Vikyll Day ago
Whilst "Battle of Wuhan" is my favourite piece from paradox games, this is definitely the best overall soundtrack
Bllacky Day ago
Vaevictisgd Day ago
Eugene Savinov
I believe this piece is actually pretty bad and doesn't fit a ck game. It sounds like an uninspired mish-mash of the ost form all other pdx games.
Davide Poggi
Davide Poggi Day ago
I got a job just for buying this game, not joking
Nocx Day ago
This music is in the base game right? (how are they gonna sell music dlc?)
I watch this video and all I can think is, one day.......one day.
Paritosh Deshpande
I was genuinely concerned when all the promotional material only had Ck2 music. But yeah, this is great, I want a few more hours of this for sure. And... Was that Battle of Lepanto I heard there?
Deus von Krieg
Ofcourse, paradox game always makes something familiar when it comes to music.
Sergey Ulyatovskiy
🔥 🔥 🔥
MetalBull Day ago
As a german i am legally not allowed to approve.
d4l4 Day ago
I came for a CK3 update and got life advice, not bad
ded mnwlkn
ded mnwlkn Day ago
anyone else get insane spiderman 3 dance vibes and thusly wonder how awkward this would be without music despite that this time music is ACTUALLY playing in this.
pumpkin T
pumpkin T Day ago
everyone is talking about vic3!!
Dominus Devacore
I'd preorder this if I wasn't burnt so hard on past titles. I'm not going to lie, I'll probably buy this title unless ---->user<---- reviews are very poor.
Radek Vítek
Radek Vítek Day ago
Construction Complete
holifeet Day ago
Goddamn, Andreas can write a piece of music!
Erc888 Day ago
Which orchestra is this? They deserve some credit :)
Zoharargov Day ago
Hail from Israel! Can't wait to play the game :)))
Zeljorn Day ago
русская мощь, лайк!
Connor Brennan
Somehow these grand strategy games have the best music out of the entire industry. Some amazing work <3
Piergiulio Fasciani
Honestley? The humans, once they conquer the sphere and the dictator dies, will have a totally shattered empire due to internal strife in order to control the sphere. Realistically speaking, all of dictatorships and empires, no matter how controlling and centralized, will eventually fall into unrest. It's inevitable
David Bourke
David Bourke Day ago
People complaining about this reveal don't get it, they've revealed how bad the facial animations, models, and general aesthetic of the game will be. They revealed it all, they revealed the first major warning sign that we should drop our hopes.
Karmonger Day ago
The one thing that I will never have complaints about with Paradox games is the music. Every composer they hire is a mastermind.
Dougal Media
Dougal Media Day ago
Sounds uninspired and generic
Radek Vítek
Radek Vítek Day ago
Construction Complete
JTN644 Day ago
The music is so unique and crucial to these games. I remember hearing the axis theme in hoi4 as German france gets liberated and the Soviets take Warsaw, or in victoria 2 when the various waltz play as you mow down hundreds of thousands of sokotion nationalists. Amazing, would do again 5/5
Manus Whitetes
Lol, it sounds like CK2+EU4+HOI4 compilation. 0:00-0:46 - CK2 0:46-1:53 - Venetian (or properly Genuan) Merchant Ships travelling to New World 1:53-3:06 - Emperor Hitler of Holy Roman Empire marching on a holy crusade for Jerusalem 3:06-3:57 - CK2
Shawn Redmond
Fantastic :)
Marcos Shiuuri
The people responsible for sound and music design on Paradox games always do an incredible job, it's amazing..
Alex Stambaugh
Me: Gets to the end of the video. Also me: *Right clicks. Selects loop.*
Christian Johnson
Will this ever have a console release???
Alex Stambaugh
I felt a little EU IV in there in some places. Goosebumps all the way down. Well done!
Darth Calanil
Andreas has out done himself again with this one 😍
kilen Day ago
Sounds amazingly 👌
ababwe Day ago
Stalin got some moves
Max Zizler
Max Zizler Day ago
The ones who dislike are heretics
maximidze228 Day ago
this song makes me wanna play eu4 despite i never launched it
Zero Station
Zero Station Day ago
I can only hear out of one ear currently, but oh how joyful that one ear is.
Ábel Huszár
Fk you guys, now i have to install CK2 and play it....
Benito Mussolini Mussolina
Deus voult boys
GPhoenix Day ago
I really want to listen to the ck3 main theme now.
why cant we mod on ps4
Dream Over
Dream Over Day ago
It's amazing. I'm so hype right now !
StalkerQtya Day ago
Well, the music sounds good... It's a shame, that the game itself gonna be a piece of shit (change my mind)
Aelia Aeldyne
Is there any way to get the sheets for this piece ? I'd love to give it a try with my orchestra
Egor Ragnaroff
Вау! Впечатляет. Такая возвышенная героическая музыка...красиво ❤️
normannobrot Day ago
Its pretty sad to think they won't do any axis speeches just because their the enemy. Not very historical .. lame soft ass society. 🤦
leopardo 27
leopardo 27 Day ago
Vic 3!
Biff McFly
Biff McFly 2 days ago
Wow, awesome, Lets go to war
Gonzalo Echeverria
I can feel myself conquering Jerusalem already...
GameStach 2 days ago
If they pull another "Imperator: Rome" on us with this game, I'm not buying anything from them anymore. (Who are we kidding? Of course I will)
GameStach Day ago
Davide Poggi Very true!
Davide Poggi
Davide Poggi Day ago
I don't really think that Ck3 will be another IR, it's a consolidated brand, unlike IR, and for now I can only think of a China DLC
Samuli Koski-Laulaja
Does anyone know the name of the orchestra?
Daan Debacker
Daan Debacker 2 days ago
When I wouldn't have pre-ordered ck3 already, this would propably have been the thing that changed my mind
Achilles Manolis
Achilles Manolis 2 days ago
Can't wait to play Ck3 with my headphones hearing this epic music!!!
Yama Kazoo
Yama Kazoo 2 days ago
This is instrumentalist supremacy and oppresses slack jawed banjo players everywhere. Tear it all down. No justice, no peace.
these makes me want to take the holy land
Meraklı Kanguru
Meraklı Kanguru 2 days ago
Why this feels like half Ck2 half Hoi4 mix
Zpajro Shinigami
Zpajro Shinigami 2 days ago
this was really nice, I hope to hear more like this ^^
Wilyape 2 days ago
Can we get sheet music for this?
SovietPuma 2 days ago
I still feel the presence of CK2 in this, but it also sounds fresh and new, love it! Hope this will be the loading screen soundtrack
SovietPuma 2 days ago
I was looking forward to this
Rafsan Jackson
Rafsan Jackson 2 days ago
Can't wait for the game...