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ItsYubz YT
ItsYubz YT 16 hours ago
Iam a netherlan person and iam happy that we won i dont wanna be bossy sorry for everyone in the eurovision i hope you guys win the other eurovision
my name is sarah-anne
Im scared
Leon Kabo
Leon Kabo 16 hours ago
The truth behind Hinta and Kageyama:
Montaha Yasir
Montaha Yasir 16 hours ago
I hope u guys could make another jpop reaction but with good, new songs the previous video had very old songs ,,,, and thank you for your hard efforts we really appreciate it❤
Aestxeii 16 hours ago
Don't drop the soap~ -A 13 year old girl
Camila Gonzalez
Camila Gonzalez 16 hours ago
There Spanish tho 🥵❤️❤️
Roblox Classic
Roblox Classic 16 hours ago
I Hearing Alot Of These And i'm Hearing These Cassets Today :D Well...I Have Record Players Too! :D
TemperedHarmonies 16 hours ago
I wish I was one of those kids 😔
TostedNoodle Fan
TostedNoodle Fan 16 hours ago
These kids don’t understand how good of the perfection of the video
OutOfBrainCells 16 hours ago
Video marathron #6 -imagine those kids watching this video when they get old
Bea's Bees
Bea's Bees 16 hours ago
Charli is overrated but she's really sweet so yeah
MissJamJam 16 hours ago
Kapzduke 16 hours ago
"what was the first word that came to your mind when you saw this" death
Nevin Cunill
Nevin Cunill 16 hours ago
I’m thirteen and now compared to those kids I feel like I know way too much
bruce chang
bruce chang 16 hours ago
i dont under stand y she is laughing 2:20
Sasha 2002
Sasha 2002 16 hours ago
I rlly want them to react to Marc Martel
Piano Kid
Piano Kid 16 hours ago
2:07 look at Bach hair why they do that
Ilya 16 hours ago
We don't have Wendy's here in Istanbul. I feel so left out ._.
Princess Curly
Princess Curly 16 hours ago
Every time i hear she dodged the bullet i am like yes 🎼
Lissy Sophie
Lissy Sophie 16 hours ago
I have to say, we still have those TVs in classrooms in Germany.....
Yooshau abd
Yooshau abd 16 hours ago
Video idea💡: try not to reply to fan comments 😁
tasha olmedo
tasha olmedo 16 hours ago
i love u billie eilish ...........<3
fortnite god
fortnite god 16 hours ago
Did they not know the white guy was an actor and a black person was talking
Wall E
Wall E 16 hours ago
How about a video in the narrator her self ?
raymund espiritu
raymund espiritu 16 hours ago
raymund espiritu
raymund espiritu 16 hours ago
morgan a
morgan a 16 hours ago
i got that video in my recommend-
Hal 502
Hal 502 16 hours ago
Social media is destroy kids of this generation, I’m glad I was a kid in the 90’s
tasha olmedo
tasha olmedo 16 hours ago
Carla Regina
Carla Regina 16 hours ago
I love you Billie😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Carla Regina
Carla Regina 16 hours ago
Els estão e logiando a Billie eu também queria e logiar pra vc ver billie😘😍
amirali gh
amirali gh 16 hours ago
I love catherine
madison olivia
madison olivia 16 hours ago
idk why but lucas cussing made my day
Evil Cherry
Evil Cherry 16 hours ago
Selena for life!!! And btw never compare her to anybody!!!
Chillenz 16 hours ago
But she almost kick the baby
a random leaf
a random leaf 16 hours ago
0:56 these words are legendary
Jr Noob
Jr Noob 16 hours ago
2:17 savage
Jr Noob
Jr Noob 16 hours ago
Fathan aqwiya
Fathan aqwiya 16 hours ago
Next: actual doors react to rock band the doors
Denae 46
Denae 46 16 hours ago
Ok wait- “ it’s interesting that he thinks the awareness is important”? Why wouldn’t he. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
The Mayflower Rat
The Mayflower Rat 16 hours ago
Nobody: The comments: JaMeS aNd JaIdEn LiFe Is CoMpLeTe
kimberly lawrence
kimberly lawrence 16 hours ago
It sounds like she can't handle the truth. The truth hurts bruh why you so defensive you can't even handle the criticism but that what there their for to criticize if they like it or not so back off and accept it cause people are going judge and no one can stop them so just accept it.
Carla Regina
Carla Regina 16 hours ago
A voz da menina que canta de cabelo azul e bem grossa guando canta mais o menos grossa guando canta mais guando fala normal e fina com um tico de grosso kk reparo em tudo e eu não intendo inglês vei 😄😂
Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson 16 hours ago
Im crying because that tiny little cake was 28 dollars
Levi Kizziar
Levi Kizziar 16 hours ago
Quarantine filming on point
Age Of The Witch
Age Of The Witch 16 hours ago
Fun fact : JLo's former housekeeper calls her PayLo, coz she pays half what other celebs pay loOl
Mr Man
Mr Man 17 hours ago
I know this will be weird for people my age but cartoons only aired on the weekends he was not busy on weeks well yes school but they too did only air on weekends so you would have to wait till the weekends till you could watch your cartoons
Mfr 17 hours ago
He look like a robot
Carla Regina
Carla Regina 17 hours ago
A voz do sub urban e bem grossa quando canta fica fina😄
Nadine Leleux
Nadine Leleux 17 hours ago
"People didn't expect it to be as dark as it was..." Hmmm...A origin story about a psychopathic failed comedian known for his sadistic nature, who slowly transcends society rejecting him by slowly becoming a madman... Why on earth would that be dark?! I was expecting a fluffy cartoon.
Dinøzor 17 hours ago
Sai Awadhani
Sai Awadhani 17 hours ago
"They're really talented but just made the wrong decisions "That hit hard
steven buck
steven buck 17 hours ago
I like your songs sub beran
syd bañal
syd bañal 17 hours ago
Kids these days won't understand true music
Luca Stamescu Marian
I agree
Toook Gamer
Toook Gamer 17 hours ago
Why lil pump has girls it’s dumb and saying Gucci gang but I only like tigers and wolfs
LORCMSTR48 1009741
LORCMSTR48 1009741 17 hours ago
Good thing they didn’t understand the beginning
Aestxeii 17 hours ago
Pickle Man
Pickle Man 17 hours ago
0:44 ok karen
Liam's Amazing Pokémon Unboxing
Lol on the pizza round a Little Ceasers ad came on 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
infent one
infent one 17 hours ago
I can do 1(were able to do it better when I were a kid) , 2 , 9 (only one) , 10(almost)
Fer Arauz
Fer Arauz 17 hours ago
The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9
Andrew Gualvez
Andrew Gualvez 17 hours ago
Remember they'll be having a what they claim "Never have ever happened in K-Pop"
Kyle_319_Sweet 17 hours ago
Did she call ginger ale a soda
cwrs4evr 17 hours ago
0:57 is still the coldest music take I’ve ever heard in my life😂😂😂😂
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 17 hours ago
"Just SUCK IT ALREADY! Here, I'll start it for you." only funny thing he ever said
Dddd DFKFJFJFJ 17 hours ago
I like fortnite but snoop dog doing """""Fortnite dance""""""" WTF KIDS ISNT FORTNITE
Len 17 hours ago
Brandon, my guy, my son, my father, he always gets it, i vibe with him, he vibes with everyone, brandon lets gooooo
Mia Flavel
Mia Flavel 17 hours ago
i honestly thought the lion kig would be in it
E.J Cam
E.J Cam 17 hours ago
2:08 this kid is amazing, 1d pls get back together
Lil Ms. Candy
Lil Ms. Candy 17 hours ago
Something Something
Something Something 17 hours ago
This was recommended to me yesterday and it had 1 million likes... I hope this guy is okay today 😢🥺
Yanela Alava
Yanela Alava 17 hours ago
Taeyong: "It's easier than I imagined" Proceed to dance to 7 rings
dora. 17 hours ago
womens crying I wanna hug u please be my grandma please please
jarrodm66 17 hours ago
I know you guys know how much they love you and I know ya know what you do for them lol omg
Evoxboy 17 hours ago
I kinda want the elders to react to bring me the horizon new amo album please
yeet yeet
yeet yeet 17 hours ago
Who here in 2020. Cuz he is alvie
dora. 17 hours ago
“Wow that was so powerful “ same lady same
Ellie Dickerson
Ellie Dickerson 17 hours ago
Who puts titanic on num
Onyx 365
Onyx 365 17 hours ago
I swear if anything bad happens to tyler in season 4...
Juliet yt
Juliet yt 17 hours ago
Bruh that's a hotel end that car is her mom's boss car^_^
Juliet yt
Juliet yt 17 hours ago
She stoll it
DJ Packard
DJ Packard 17 hours ago
this hurt i mean i am 11 and i watched tfp first i havent seen the movies but my dad said he is doing me a favor i have seen the oldest movie and bumblebee it hurt i mean they didnt even see much they should have watched the golden lagoon then juged It hurt i love g1 and i am new please please wathc what u say
Vigtornilliaa 17 hours ago
It’s not fucking noise it’s really amazing music
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 17 hours ago
The younger ones liked her 😌💅🏻 I respect them
say10S ka
say10S ka 17 hours ago
7:57 ohhh great grandpa.....so you suggesting to make a angry lyrics with lullaby melody?????? Your weird
dora. 17 hours ago
girls im genuinely disappointed w u all,,,,
dora. 17 hours ago
honestly im the same age then the boys and I want them as my kids cuz frrr they’re made me proud for some reason
melounek*** lyrics
melounek*** lyrics 17 hours ago
Did they skip Lunchbox friends and Principal , my favourite ones?!?????!!?wtf
Sagi Raybuch
Sagi Raybuch 17 hours ago
1:20 god this kid is insanely supercilious 😂
Half Blood Princess
Half Blood Princess 17 hours ago
I think we can all agree that Harry is a GOD and the rest of 1d are peasants compared to our god xD💕
Christian Rojas
Christian Rojas 17 hours ago
Great job, bring a bunch of Democrats children into a video and see what they think about trump, totally not saying what their parents say
Viljorel Lascano
Viljorel Lascano 17 hours ago
i hated jake when he said stuff at 1:01 and in 2:42
Aidan Culver
Aidan Culver 17 hours ago
They have box office numbers adjusted for inflation you should have used those
Dylan Bravo
Dylan Bravo 17 hours ago
Jesús Octavio Monsiváis Rivera
I'm from Mexico and if My grandpa and grandma should born in USA they would enjoy listening led Zeppelin like me.
Demetri Palmer
Demetri Palmer 17 hours ago
Look at me comes up: them: WOAH
Christian Rojas
Christian Rojas 17 hours ago
Idgaf if these are kids, their seduced by their parents to not like trump and it pisses me tf off. This video should not be on RUvid because it’s clear that h These juveniles have no idea what their talking about
Samuel Kayll
Samuel Kayll 17 hours ago
Ary hands down got the best meal
soager009 69
soager009 69 17 hours ago
Put him back!😂
Haze 17 hours ago
Rest in Peace X
Veansa Tabor
Veansa Tabor 17 hours ago
RIP XXXTENTAICON😢😪 I listen to this songs 100
Veansa Tabor
Veansa Tabor 17 hours ago
xBlueWolf 17 hours ago
The thing is, I wouldn't really care about getting airpods.