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NintendoFan 4 seconds ago
"I'm surprised you knew sonic." Me : "He has new games, how would your kid not know sonic?"
JASULY RIOS 21 second ago
Oh this was good, wish they could do #ChickenNoodleSoup challenge
Dj McCullum
Dj McCullum Minute ago
2:21 those 2 guys are the people who started the trend
Skywalkerking493 !
Skywalkerking493 ! 2 minutes ago
umi made it 😭
Heather Marie
Heather Marie 2 minutes ago
i now have the fattest crush on daniel. thank you for listening x
branggg A
branggg A 3 minutes ago
Bad guy 1
Saraaf1027 3 minutes ago
I love Will’s dancing.
Ra-Chelle Lewis
Ra-Chelle Lewis 4 minutes ago
great video. I love the different interpretations of the dances.
Mar Caribe
Mar Caribe 4 minutes ago
We all love Will. Bye ❤️
kei pattoncake
kei pattoncake 4 minutes ago
Dan W
Dan W 5 minutes ago
" I dont think i could do that if i was pregnant" .... bruhh
Sarah Richardson
Sarah Richardson 5 minutes ago
Will is a professional dancer?!
Sage Arviso
Sage Arviso 7 minutes ago
😂 my name is also Sage
Will T
Will T 7 minutes ago
bruh these dances are so old
Sarah Scrabble
Sarah Scrabble 7 minutes ago
They're all so talented!
isac nasa
isac nasa 8 minutes ago
Kim Namjoon
Kim Namjoon 9 minutes ago
All the boys doing that last one made my day❤❤❤
22Anthony Hourihan
22Anthony Hourihan 10 minutes ago
I went on there tik tok and those tik toks were uploaded August 29 why just posing the video now??
GGBABE 11 minutes ago
Love the tik tok dance trends
JakeOhT 12 minutes ago
NJ RANDOM 12 minutes ago
4:40 they could have done the whip
IAMLUIG 13 minutes ago
Damn will hit that walkman smooth af
BigJimGene 13 minutes ago
WILL....IS....AN....AMAZING....DANCER!!!!!!!!! That is all. :)
Nrgamer 7
Nrgamer 7 13 minutes ago
Damn Will he got the moves 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kam Oof
Kam Oof 14 minutes ago
i was eating gold fish whale watching this
Azure 14 minutes ago
Ah...my heart.. Great video! :)
Lily Hornung
Lily Hornung 15 minutes ago
this was SUCH a good idea for a video
AJ Solis
AJ Solis 17 minutes ago
More Mamamoo! With Wheein tho..
Amoya Steer
Amoya Steer 18 minutes ago
Jenn is so gooddddddd 😭💞
¿Euphoria? 18 minutes ago
*SaGe!* *he was on dancing with the stars!*
Wilnona Jaye
Wilnona Jaye 18 minutes ago
I love Will! ♥️
Anthony White
Anthony White 18 minutes ago
My boy Will crushed every single one, he jumps into that character real quick! Lets go will!!! Making big moves!
Ian Garcia
Ian Garcia 19 minutes ago
What about song of the south🦊🐻🐰
Mimiru Doll
Mimiru Doll 19 minutes ago
Here for Will! ❤
THEWOLFE LORD 20 minutes ago
Do more
Bastian Chang
Bastian Chang 20 minutes ago
Saying will was the smoothest one
Oz 21 minute ago
Noooooooooooo why cradles that’s a good song Please God Why?!?!??? Pricks
Diogo David
Diogo David 21 minute ago
My guesses
Diogo David
Diogo David 14 minutes ago
Our Planet - 4 (orig. 7 and 8) The one after Our Planet - 8
Diogo David
Diogo David 18 minutes ago
Elite - 7 Unbelievable - 9
Ro Lazcano
Ro Lazcano 21 minute ago
Pandazarecool 12
Pandazarecool 12 23 minutes ago
Don;Don Jr’s Don
rebelscum tk41
rebelscum tk41 23 minutes ago
Cathey Kohler
Cathey Kohler 24 minutes ago
Humans are animals you idiots!
Roselia Thorn
Roselia Thorn 24 minutes ago
Having actual dancers do these is 100x more entertaining
c-dog is rough
c-dog is rough 24 minutes ago
Sub Urban is the band that made cradles and I know that because cradles is my favorite song
The Centalist
The Centalist 24 minutes ago
Paula and SKZ
Paula and SKZ 25 minutes ago
Sees twice I click
CattSmiles 25 minutes ago
Literally no one: Dancers: *do da pu pa ka chu cha la la la*
gabbie xx
gabbie xx 25 minutes ago
Santiago Lopez
Santiago Lopez 19 minutes ago
Facts tho
Diogo David
Diogo David 25 minutes ago
Life of Talise
Life of Talise 26 minutes ago
Love you Darius
oof ranger
oof ranger 27 minutes ago
It said food tapping lmao
Javier Juarez
Javier Juarez 27 minutes ago
Where is panic at the disco
Aspen Dugan
Aspen Dugan 28 minutes ago
this video reminds me of that one kid in my school who wore a "virginity rocks" sweatshirt and got kicked out of school for 3 weeks
Alberto Rodriguez
Alberto Rodriguez 28 minutes ago
Hey that’s me dropping the fan!!! 😂😂
Syndrose vi Britannia
Syndrose vi Britannia 30 minutes ago
I wish I could dance this good
raven hades
raven hades 30 minutes ago
Hey, Itz- A Meh!
Hey, Itz- A Meh! 31 minute ago
Oof_it's Meh
Oof_it's Meh 24 minutes ago
Jalisa McClure
Jalisa McClure 31 minute ago
Cleophus Liu
Cleophus Liu 32 minutes ago
you hit the Bear fuuk you 👩🏿‍🦰 🖕🏻🔪🖕🏿🔫⚰️⛓😄
Hardcore 107
Hardcore 107 26 minutes ago
wtf bro??
Let's Daze
Let's Daze 33 minutes ago
Who knew the song from Mario Odyssey would get popular on Tiktok... WAIT WHY IS IT ONE OF THOSE DANCES YOU SEE AT CONVENTIONS?!
Za’Nah’s World!
Za’Nah’s World! 34 minutes ago
At the bunny it actually isn’t a bunny it’s a crow
IWillYouLove aka Victoria
And now I’m crying 😂
April Montgomery
April Montgomery 34 minutes ago
Where's the Chicken Noodle Soup challenge??????? #BTS
Emily House
Emily House 35 minutes ago
This is so cute! 😭
Wise and whine
Wise and whine 35 minutes ago
My recent👏🏿🤡😢👺😒👌🏿👇🏿😈🅾️🙀👉🏿😼🦶🏿👈🏿👻🤮👾👽☠️💀💩👹👿🤠🤑🤒🤕😷🤧🤢
Jeremy Rincon
Jeremy Rincon 35 minutes ago
I thought Jim played sonic....?
Daniel Beraka
Daniel Beraka 36 minutes ago
Who else always or sometimes see Amanda in Matt Steffanina dance videos?
Arlyn Rodriguez
Arlyn Rodriguez 37 minutes ago
Will is sooooo good!!
Ken Guidry
Ken Guidry 37 minutes ago
Didn’t know Will was a dancer
Damian flameboy
Damian flameboy 38 minutes ago
Do another one but add the groove challenge
Not Sc6ut
Not Sc6ut 38 minutes ago
Why did they do harder dances?
Ry Ry
Ry Ry 38 minutes ago
will and brandon are me favs
Amber Star
Amber Star 39 minutes ago
Another person with Angelica as their name. How nice. Angelica army, *RIIIISSSSSSSSSSSE*
Tiffany Mone
Tiffany Mone 39 minutes ago
GET IT WILL‼️🥵 Will be killing it😂
Orange Cosby
Orange Cosby 40 minutes ago
that one chicks balls almost popped out
Nathan 40 minutes ago
These folks talkin bout boomers are against tattoos but my grandma got a whole sleeve on her leg😂😂💯
Jamemes Normalfag killer
Cars on
B Kavin
B Kavin 41 minute ago
Bruh that fatty is not a professional dancer tf
Synthy 41 minute ago
Clifford Agyekum
Clifford Agyekum 42 minutes ago
That second dance is an inspiration from the dance called hard jump or jumpstyle. It’s been around for a while.
Ira Ford
Ira Ford 42 minutes ago
great reactions.
#awesome7 Lol
#awesome7 Lol 44 minutes ago
They should try all the shuffling type of dances
Sister sister fun
Sister sister fun 45 minutes ago
keep moving foward
keep moving foward 46 minutes ago
Headbanger 46 minutes ago
*All I think of is Jumpstyle dancing for Cradles. Any old school EDM heads would know 😉*
EmeraldOn60fps 46 minutes ago
I only know Carson
Inyoris Onatez
Inyoris Onatez 47 minutes ago
omg, y’all use old trends
Bright 47 minutes ago
next time have them do renegade
Clover 48 minutes ago
Chiane Graham
Chiane Graham 48 minutes ago
I’m sorry but blond wig can’t dance
Salted Peppers - Edits and More
8:18 is my favorite period
Luca Cirino
Luca Cirino 49 minutes ago
Do react on ksi v Logan Paul fight
melissa sanchez
melissa sanchez 49 minutes ago
TheBubblyBear 50 minutes ago
That hair though daaaaang
stuey0013 50 minutes ago
Will is the BEST! Also, his smile is so contagious :D
Roland Schlösser
Roland Schlösser 51 minute ago
Jenn! <3
Izabella Estrello
Izabella Estrello 52 minutes ago
I love bts
Muzatsinda Oprah
Muzatsinda Oprah 54 minutes ago
Please do more of the Tik tok ones 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Samiago1 55 minutes ago
Now you know that money follow through,,,,,,,,,,,
Oka Ruto
Oka Ruto 55 minutes ago
please do a pro dancers play just dance 2020
Noah Was Here :D Hi
Noah Was Here :D Hi 55 minutes ago
Ngl Spanish songs slap , even tho I understand half the words it’s just so relaxing