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xWISPAx 16 minutes ago
Am just laughing at Shane's terrible hair lol
Play with Luc
Play with Luc 18 minutes ago
Imagine if they stumble across a ^^^ (triple spike)
Lizarddude 18 minutes ago
How does the little 7 year old know all the lyrics
Keeping It Real Awesome
That was a very good video
Nadja Söfelde
Nadja Söfelde 31 minute ago
I love Asia and her mom hahaha
Yagmur 41 minute ago
Teens React fact bit about gulsen is wrong. That is meant for Hadise but for some odd reason they put gulsens picture and used her name there.
German Retro Guy
German Retro Guy 44 minutes ago
Kids of today are so feggin stupid.
Gaming Dino11
Gaming Dino11 45 minutes ago
Pizza time
Sol2 WIT
Sol2 WIT 47 minutes ago
2:55 the lion and blackNerdComedy laughing got me so good 🤣😆
1 51 minute ago
Girl with the diarrhea color hair in the red shirt is giving Privleged vibes lol
Mosab Hijazi
Mosab Hijazi 53 minutes ago
2:50 I mean he knows the priorities
epic botz
epic botz 54 minutes ago
2:27 Lorelei has one( it's hard to defeat)
red 55 minutes ago
epic botz
epic botz 56 minutes ago
I play too much pokemon.....
drews highlights
drews highlights 58 minutes ago
kanwe west 😂
Mosab Hijazi
Mosab Hijazi Hour ago
2:38 DEAD😂
Mick Chem
Mick Chem Hour ago
Lucas is based
Sir Frightmare
It'd be cool to see them play Ratchet & Clank (2002).
Markie Forcey
Markie Forcey Hour ago
What about Dragon Ball?
Iskandar Rico
Iskandar Rico Hour ago
😂😂😂😂 this guy is depressed
William Jones
William Jones Hour ago
Mama Koita
Mama Koita Hour ago
Did we just watch tails get murder 4 times over
William Jones
William Jones Hour ago
Luis Calderon
Luis Calderon Hour ago
Lmao did Riley Reid get a shoutout
Ron sugarbruhs
Lordsland Hour ago
I was holding it back so hard in 2 but then 3 came and I can’t take it this was me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
G A L A X Y Hour ago
The second video made me tear up 🥺
Obi Wan Kenobi
I swear... cody and noel always making songs that reach out of their fanbase
Vík M
Vík M Hour ago
Alabado sea el dios tongo
Coated Pill
Coated Pill Hour ago
I guess Tori's partner here has an attitude problem .
H. Mckenna
H. Mckenna Hour ago
she was aesthetic before it was a thing
Capalot Hour ago
Adults react to polo g
Concoboyz80 Hour ago
This video has the subtitlez italian🇮🇹
youtube watchman
People want them to do Portal 2 now, but I honestly don't think they actually will because of how much longer Portal 2 is. Same reason they wouldn't do a Half Life 1 or 2 playthrough.
Cody York
Cody York Hour ago
then: oh fuck that's weird! why's it so dirty!? now: this is practically normal for the internet considering how sexual it gets now and I'm not sure if I should be worried by that fact
Ezio Auditore
Ezio Auditore Hour ago
I absolutely love when people realize the walrider/the person who saved them at the end is miles upshur.
CuddleBears13 2 hours ago
Paul walker's not dead, he's just waiting for us at the finish line... Right...?
B.A. 2 hours ago
ya o kadar şarkı varken niye iki tane aleyna, gülşen ve şampiyona şeker koymuşlar? Daha orijinal bişeyler koyabilirlermiş. saçma olmuş bence
Honkersss :]
Honkersss :] 2 hours ago
"A bOy liKes A BoY?!?!"
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ 2 hours ago
im surprised to see most of old school MK players here in the comments are gurls
Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta 2 hours ago
IDK why but that Spec Girl who was a great fan of Eminem looks like Lil Tecca...
HDelly 2 hours ago
Im sorry but johnny is literally a real gamer he just hiding it
Deflected 2 hours ago
THis is so hard to watch, they don't understand it like seriously I feel like it's not that hard to understand
Deflected 2 hours ago
Am I the only one that was literally moving to the beat in a reaction video LOL
Amlan Bhattacharjee
Girls should never be called to these kind of videos..they knw nothinh
Khalnayak 2 hours ago
Lucas has become what he hated so bad, ur a disgrace lucas
Hemdrih Uriel Coronel Zacarias
Yo escuché género muy pesado muy pesado y Iron Manden a los 4y 5 años
Blue_batboy Plaz
Blue_batboy Plaz 2 hours ago
when the guy said that the sonic.exe image looked like his brother's dead hamster that got me wheezing
Baksteen Man
Baksteen Man 2 hours ago
Pls make elders react to remble
Error 2 hours ago
I hate drake if I they knew what he’s done they whould think so to
Kałěb 2 hours ago
"Sounds like he's getting electrocuted" lmao
Chris A. Sanchez
Chris A. Sanchez 2 hours ago
The way Ary reacted when Como La Flor started playing would have been my reaction. Yup anytime I hear my girl Selena my hearts goes through a whirlwind of emotions. Mostly joy, love, and gratitude. Viva Selena! (:
Aimee 2 hours ago
The kids were less scared than the RUvidrs
Kałěb 2 hours ago
My man in the suit is cultured lol
Vikoob 2 hours ago
3:07 probably why most of you came here
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy 3 hours ago
Nah YALL had me up until you put the English dub on
vousme lamour
vousme lamour 3 hours ago
yuta's smile is a radiating sunshine
z1re 3 hours ago
I miss she so nice 😭
mariam maison
mariam maison 3 hours ago
2:45 the only thing creepy here is your face 😳
Skully 3 hours ago
Six minutes xd
Jamey Carlson
Jamey Carlson 3 hours ago
It’s the no makeup era
Hic-Chan 3 hours ago
6:28 music name?
Emily 3 hours ago
i would scream until i cant breath anymore and then i am dead
the rake
the rake 3 hours ago
Wow they laugh at him but if they knew him they would be crying like man why they are like messed up man
Jim 3 hours ago
lucas joined god mode
Error 3 hours ago
6:57 ok
Ник Диаз
Ник Диаз 3 hours ago
An interesting fact, in Russia every white teenager knows these tracks by heart. It's amazing that someone from the USA doesn't know this classic.
Mohamed Yasin Arakkal
These remind me of an old version of python.
Rohan The Content Creator
This is the list based on when they released their first album: 1. Eminem (1999) 2. Katy Perry (2001) 3. Beyonce (2003) 4. Rihanna (May 2005) 5. Chris Brown (November 2005) 6. Taylor Swift (2006) 7. Nicki Minaj (2007) 8. Justin Bieber (2009) 9. The Weeknd (2011) 10. Ariana Grande (2013)
cuddledozer42 3 hours ago
The fact that all these comments are from the past week...
Tamara Hughes
Tamara Hughes Hour ago
For real 😂
FrateleCui 3 hours ago
I am in love with her
Gacha Blue girl
Gacha Blue girl 3 hours ago
Nyan cat est trop mignion Comment?
Marcella Rios Sebazco
OMG this is the third time I watched this video cuz I LOVE Matilda did u just say BUT
❀xiaomi❀ 3 hours ago
He never never used authority
Somidotun Aina
Somidotun Aina 3 hours ago
They need to update this 😂😂😂
pacsoul Pavon
pacsoul Pavon 3 hours ago
Put some respect on the 🐐
drawcraw123 3 hours ago
Naruto is the best
most of them dont understand the lyrics cuz there not broken
Kristin Koppes
Kristin Koppes 4 hours ago
Lidsill is very fricking scary
Veronica Begay
Veronica Begay 4 hours ago
“Is he saying crocodile?”