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Chicago-area hip-hop musician Juice WRLD delivers introspective lyrics atop melodic production, echoing Travis Scott and Post Malone. Born Jarad Higgins in 1998, the Calumet Park artist grew up playing piano, drums, and guitar, turning to rap freestyling in high school. Influenced by rock music and Chicago drill from Lil Durk and Chief Keef, Higgins began recording as Juice TheKidd, a moniker derived from his haircut, which resembled 2Pac's in the film Juice.
His early tracks were all posted online, leading up to 2017's Juice WRLD 999 EP. Produced by Nick Mira and Sidepce, the set included the singles "Lucid Dreams (Forget Me)" and "All Girls Are the Same". Both tracks would also land on his official debut full-length album, Goodbye & Good Riddance, which peaked at number 15 on the Billboard 200 upon release in May 2018.
Football Player
Football Player 20 hours ago
i do anything in my power
Lil Kreemi
Lil Kreemi 20 hours ago
fun fact: this song is a tribute to nipsey hussle
FABIAN PRATAMA 20 hours ago
I will come back 2020:✓ 2021: 2022: 2023: 2024: 2025:
Chyna Stuckey
Chyna Stuckey 20 hours ago
I love this so much🥺❤️
juice the kidd
juice the kidd 20 hours ago
TO the person watching this 25 years later this man was a LEGEND.
1Henzar1 20 hours ago
Rip king ❤️ 👑
Viktoria Isaak
Viktoria Isaak 20 hours ago
Shaarav Sethi
Shaarav Sethi 20 hours ago
Juice probably is smoking in heaven in a pool with god
James Aultman
James Aultman 20 hours ago
Most underrated song
Cool Stefanlol
Cool Stefanlol 20 hours ago
RIP JUICE WRLD 1998-2020
RCDAH 20 hours ago
"I should have took a right but I took another wrong" R.I.P Juice Wrld 999 forever.
polkmnxzsawqygt Suleja
Skiez 20 hours ago
Tommaso Mangini
Tommaso Mangini 20 hours ago
Malcom White
Malcom White 20 hours ago
Dom Price
Dom Price 20 hours ago
Rip bro fly high king anti life 4 lyf
Adrian Patterson
Adrian Patterson 21 hour ago
No longer taking drugs to fix my damage...to my surprise it just vanished
rzongler 21 hour ago
omar carlton
omar carlton 21 hour ago
Do anybody feel like they lost a best friend when they listen to him💔😭😭
Explaiin 21 hour ago
Nearly 10 million views but deserves a billion
Sarah Stricker
Sarah Stricker 21 hour ago
to all those people who listen to this for the memories but just cry I’m with you R.I.P juice WRLD he was is and always will be a true legend and he always lives with those who love his music 😭😭😭😭😭 this guy makes me a little happier about death because then I can listen to him forever juice you are a legend and as long as I live you’ll stay that way
Trishup Mittal
Trishup Mittal 21 hour ago
it hits right at 2:40 🔥
Megamatt207 21 hour ago
Love you mate
Xavier The ninja
Xavier The ninja 21 hour ago
i was sad that juice wrld should not deserve to die
Daniel Rosario
Daniel Rosario 21 hour ago
Thes sounds 😢 sad
Drip Chaos
Drip Chaos 21 hour ago
The unreleased version of this song is called sad This song unreleased
Swimp Jmllc
Swimp Jmllc 21 hour ago
I llove this could listen to it 1000000000000 times
MAZINK 21 hour ago
how he is dead, but he is distributing tracks?
AH crizz
AH crizz 21 hour ago
Juice wrld kinda overrated tho no joke
Shady08 P
Shady08 P 20 hours ago
His career was just getN started ! How can u call his music overrated! I just wished he could a seen How SUCCESSFUL GODZILLA BECAME!!!
AH crizz
AH crizz 21 hour ago
its your opinion hes not overrated lol
Drip Chaos
Drip Chaos 21 hour ago
Juice wrld is not overated
Drip Chaos
Drip Chaos 21 hour ago
No his music is good it’s your opinion and I won’t judge you for that but my opinion is his music is amazing rip a legend in the making😭😭😭😭 Juice wrld my favorite artist ever
ELA8シ 21 hour ago
Dayumn thats a crazy song
kiel0180 kiel0180
kiel0180 kiel0180 21 hour ago
boi boi
boi boi 21 hour ago
999 4 life
Jadalovesfishing 21 hour ago
Make it 999k likes!
Faris Elsharif
Faris Elsharif 21 hour ago
Rip to the legend
Jadalovesfishing 21 hour ago
Bro this sick!
1075Sunshine 21 hour ago
Its not his song . Juice wrld died .
Finn O'Connell
Finn O'Connell 21 hour ago
my kids if you see this he was my favorite singing 999 #LEGENDSNEVERDIE
TedBed 21 hour ago
Who’s here from 2k??? 999 RIP
Fayte FN
Fayte FN 21 hour ago
You know what is weird Xxxtentacion Lil peep Juice Wrld All died on age 21 or close to 21 like 20 and they all died in the last months of the year
mark dias
mark dias 21 hour ago
Juce i hope you rest in peace were ever you are
xd zylo
xd zylo 21 hour ago
Daniel x20skies
Daniel x20skies 21 hour ago
Damn bro, 2021 is coming in like 3 months. Juice is gonna be dead for like 2 years. Even tho this year sucked so much, time passes. Everything changes and nothing really is predictable. All we can do is hope for the best. All the best for yall🥺👍
xd zylo
xd zylo 21 hour ago
Nostalgia 😪
Erich Kathrine Wu
Erich Kathrine Wu 21 hour ago
#legendneverdies 😭😭😭🙁🙁🙁
Mady Mason
Mady Mason 21 hour ago
DarkSqiZzle088 22 hours ago
this is the most underrated song by him
NereXX 22 hours ago
Waiting wainting wainting...
Jwan Miffin
Jwan Miffin 22 hours ago
R.I.P :c
Jwan Miffin
Jwan Miffin 22 hours ago
It’s like y’all forgot him all of a sudden and give him less likes
Jwan Miffin
Jwan Miffin 22 hours ago
Please stop giving juice wrld less likes then lucid dreams I really want this dude to last.
Fnaf Gaming
Fnaf Gaming 22 hours ago
how can he sing this when he isn't even here?
L C 22 hours ago
Are you sure juice weld is not dead?
Yiğit Şimşek
Yiğit Şimşek 22 hours ago
dinleyen türk kardeşlerimiz varse 2x hızda dinlesinler efsanevı oluyor
Adrienne Valliant
Adrienne Valliant 22 hours ago
he is the man if the year 🥺
shadow_ monsterXD
shadow_ monsterXD 22 hours ago
R I P - Jarad Anthony Higgans
Cian Larkin
Cian Larkin 22 hours ago
This giving me armed and dangerous vibes
Charles Hutton
Charles Hutton 22 hours ago
he looked like the happiest person doing songs and then he left us all R.I.P. walk with Jesus.
Ianis 90
Ianis 90 22 hours ago
this legend is alive in our hearts
Christal kris Daquioag
This is the best
McLaren 07
McLaren 07 22 hours ago
Juice we love you 💪🏼
Kees Forma
Kees Forma 22 hours ago
really nice!!
WHIMPO 22 hours ago
WHIMPO 22 hours ago
Dark SeriesYT
Dark SeriesYT 22 hours ago
R.I.P juice
Abdulla Hababi
Abdulla Hababi 22 hours ago
Plus_Size Beauty Jones
#RIPJuice💔💔💔 10/22/2020
Badeendboem on switch
this song is so good even my karen mom liked it
Badeendboem on switch
this song hits so hard that even my karen mom likes it
Gaming Hydro
Gaming Hydro 22 hours ago
Eoin Fleming
Eoin Fleming 22 hours ago
Eoin Fleming
Eoin Fleming 22 hours ago
I am liking all the juice wrld video god help me and him
Lyon TV
Lyon TV 22 hours ago
Cheddar Cheese
Cheddar Cheese 23 hours ago
Fortnite for life 😂
Josh Wulfsohn
Josh Wulfsohn 23 hours ago
uzi ruined this song
Bray Allen
Bray Allen 23 hours ago
I've never listened to a song that had me emotional from the first listen to the millionth listen..
LuieAG 23 hours ago
whats y’all top ten juice wrld songs? im j wondering
chris Ross
chris Ross 23 hours ago
Beney 23 hours ago
the beginning is just 😲😲 😳😳