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Wow a Google voice has 1.52M Subscriber Nice....
EnderHannah 2 hours ago
**tries to find original videos from **11:00** by searching "i made a discord server!" and filtering by new** **only finds unrelated videos because the title is common** **tries to find them by searching "someone sent me porn on discord" and filtering by new** this was a mistake.
TowwerN3 2 hours ago
4:36 I used to play my ringtone in 2009/10 just to hear the chorus of Duffle Bag Boy...Nowadays this meme is me on every single level in every single dimension through all of time and existence.
Captain Fuzz
Captain Fuzz 2 hours ago
If an octopus has 96 tentacles it makes it not an octopus an octopus has 8 tentacles
Sleepy 2 hours ago
when you already saw all this Memes before he Upload on Reddit *The problem in being faster than light that you only can live in darkness*
nathan jons
nathan jons 2 hours ago
ITs a f****** baby why do you want to kill it even if you try it will freaking fold you
Normie weeb
Normie weeb 3 hours ago
Jesus Christ that editing!
DJ Pask
DJ Pask 3 hours ago
Ice age baby deserves to go to hell
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 3 hours ago
5:00 Looks like my boy has a headcrab on his head.
Jewar 3 hours ago
Jerzy Urban
Ferrous Bear
Ferrous Bear 3 hours ago
These memes aren't funny. Zoomers can't meme.
deni X
deni X 3 hours ago
My 1 in a million stoty I was the first cell that got in the cell that makes baby
Quik Boys
Quik Boys 3 hours ago
6:28 yeah Ramsey would launch that little shit into space, his shot power is amazing
Active nz
Active nz 3 hours ago
Bruh the occasional edit is nice but u don't gotta do every one 😅
Ice Tube
Ice Tube 3 hours ago
Patrick 3 hours ago
Evan Claxton
Evan Claxton 3 hours ago
"neds declassified life survival guide" would be so good
octo gem
octo gem 3 hours ago
Lmao imagine that people haven’t seen shriek vs Obama before this video smh
LaterVader88 3 hours ago
*S K I R R E L S*
DraG HunT
DraG HunT 3 hours ago
N o .
lol i can't think of a better name
5:17 this means I get punished every day
Nebojša Majstorović
Sasaki kojiru
Sasaki kojiru 4 hours ago
i like the video its so entertaining we get to see something new
lol i can't think of a better name
1:51 they had us in the first half not gunna lie
XtremeN00b 4 hours ago
pls do this editing in some daily dose of meme vids
Aylin Yiğiter
Aylin Yiğiter 4 hours ago
Its 3 am rn and im watching this instead of sleeping lmfao
Mr. Bonkers
Mr. Bonkers 4 hours ago
5:10 Homework: *is invented as a punishment* Teachers: You students are ruining my live!!! *gives homework to the whole class every time*
Mr. Bonkers
Mr. Bonkers 4 hours ago
1:20 Someone: Niger is a beautiful country. Over reactive censor: You are now banned.
MuffinCountry 4 hours ago
Nick Krüllmann
Nick Krüllmann 4 hours ago
Dont edit so much pls
Henry Townz
Henry Townz 4 hours ago
Dog: licks my hand Me: “This puts a smile on my face”
theshuman100 4 hours ago
Archer arts
Archer arts 4 hours ago
Its Wednesday
Seth Lee
Seth Lee 4 hours ago
9:52 I would say that wouldn't work with verginity but then again 99% of people watching haven't lost that yet.
james1738 4 hours ago
8:13 I remember 2017 very well, because my favorite singer hung himself in July
tato taytoman
tato taytoman 4 hours ago
Consume funni
Lulz TV
Lulz TV 4 hours ago
6:32 Oh no! It seems like you got Jojo referenced Like this post and you will be un jojo referenced.
Billy Wildgoose
Billy Wildgoose 5 hours ago
‘We didn’t have boomers back in my day.’
Alex Tomlinson
Alex Tomlinson 5 hours ago
South Africa is a country tho
Bogdan Corbean
Bogdan Corbean 5 hours ago
Anyone know the anime at 15:07?
Wrubies 5 hours ago
8:44 JoJo reference amen
James Hurley
James Hurley 5 hours ago
persivefire 5 hours ago
0:58 I just went into that exact cave today, same story
Ducc 5 hours ago
No more scoop? This was Made by me
Bananaman559 5 hours ago
Day 50 of asking cowbelly to use more super Mario galaxy music
Oscar Russell
Oscar Russell 5 hours ago
10:38 this is FAKE. Janice's father says he will be over at 8, but the time is already 8:39, and it is very unreasonable to wait nearly 12 hours to clap cheeks.
Memelord Catwoof Dogmeow
Ice age baby killed Epstein. (I can make this worse, push read more to find out how) *Ice age baby couldn't have done it sooner*
CHase Milhone
CHase Milhone 5 hours ago
Wait people paid for ringtones. And yes I was only born in 2001
Timvideo326 - Still Pretty Cool
10:46 It's 2:30 AM here and my tired-ass brain just goes: Ah yes Alloy Boy
linemar1 5 hours ago
Get the meme police
Bio -
Bio - 5 hours ago
3:17 I still do this lmao
Miles Vorkosigan
Miles Vorkosigan 5 hours ago
16:37 wall, floor maybe a bottle?
Shark_Burritos 5 hours ago
Crackhead Planes
Crackhead Planes 5 hours ago
2:36 anyone else get the reference
RiceSubliminals 5 hours ago
Is only me or did I actually watch the fight for the swamp before it becoming a meme
Shahriar Shirazi
Shahriar Shirazi 5 hours ago
Cowbelly: **shows the same meme about stalking people two videos in a row** Me: The prophecy is true.
Sans the Skeleton
Sans the Skeleton 6 hours ago
3:05 **happy sans noises**
morgan priest
morgan priest 6 hours ago
13:06 uhhhh, one of those chicken things got out. Hey SCP foundation. Yeah. Mmhmm. Alright I understand. Ok. Bye.
Northern Alaska
Northern Alaska 6 hours ago
8:23 anakin; Pathetic
phill7915 6 hours ago
8:12 fOrTniTe!!!!!
ThePhantom9495 6 hours ago
On the one hand: Ice Age Baby is ugly. On the other hand: It's from the one good Ice Age movie.
Dracovenr 6 hours ago
Title: Twitter Tuesday Me, an Asian: *visible confusion*
Dreamxiety 6 hours ago
16:51 ngl that really satisfies my will to murder the ice age baby 👊🏻😔
CurvingFyre 6 hours ago
16:05 Oh, I get it. Capitalism, because it's both a ghoul, and a filthy swine.
nate bee
nate bee 6 hours ago
1:52 Chuck E. Cheese breaks into your house ASMR
O Crow365
O Crow365 6 hours ago
Animal crossing
Yourface240 6 hours ago
Depression nap
apple sc0pes
apple sc0pes 6 hours ago
4:28 I actually remember watching that video (top one)
m. t. frnndz
m. t. frnndz 6 hours ago
I love how HS teachers held college professors to such high standards. Meanwhile my professor, "Id rather be at home drinking wine amd watching roadhouse, class is dismissed."
NoobMaster69 6 hours ago
communist detected, lethal force engaged!
Mr. Winklebottom
Mr. Winklebottom 6 hours ago
Yo mama so lazy
Funny BONCLE Man
Funny BONCLE Man 6 hours ago
15:07 what Anime is that
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith 6 hours ago
9:43 *that sign won’t stop me because I can’t read*
LPS Cat 6 hours ago
7:13 Me: *yelling the song "freaky friday"i in my head* I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT IT'S FREAKY FRIDAY,IT'S FREAKY FRIDAY AND I'M IN CHRIS BROWN'S BODY
Dark Side
Dark Side 6 hours ago
1:50 ,,i'm gonna be honest,they had us in the first half''
a very thicc boi
a very thicc boi 6 hours ago
I'm happy to be part of the 666K views
cirque de soliei
cirque de soliei 6 hours ago
I jacked off to James Charles today and I want die
Kcoop142 6 hours ago
69k nice
Stale Taco
Stale Taco 6 hours ago
PHPlayzGamingYT 6 hours ago
Has nobody seen the Kool Aid commercial where we find out that the Kool Aid Man IS the jar and not the Kool Aid?
Rjree 06
Rjree 06 7 hours ago
8:00 so we just not gonna talk about the date
John Kapusta
John Kapusta 7 hours ago
John Doe
John Doe 7 hours ago
O:49 repel brothers
r/Iplaygames 7 hours ago
Look at this epic VR character someone made it it has so many effects ruvid.net/video/video-dQw4w9WgXcQ.html
Auzz 7 hours ago
Anybody else just skip the video till the end to see if he actually made a sandwich video?
The Crooked 1
The Crooked 1 7 hours ago
I know its a meme but the guy who said "its easier to move and aim with a pistol" is a fuckin unga bunga brain But to be fair it IS from reddit
Cool Varon
Cool Varon 7 hours ago
Teacher: “what are you laughing at” Me: N O T H I N G My brain: *MICHAEL BLOOMBURGER*
Mis_dragon Lady
Mis_dragon Lady 7 hours ago
0:35 why did you beep out the word came? It’s not come lol
B-Tech LeafyisHere
B-Tech LeafyisHere 7 hours ago
To the James Bond one... not necessarily. James Bond could just be a code name or title, not his real name, and few people seem to actually recognize him until he introduces himself, meaning it’s likely that very few people actually what James Bond looks like outside of the agency he works for.
Eli The Nuke
Eli The Nuke 7 hours ago
10:58 is a lie so like fuck bruh
Ashleen Rahelu
Ashleen Rahelu 7 hours ago
_is it a garbage truck?_
PjandBolt 7 hours ago
Right before the ice age baby meme got popular I was forced to watch ice age during class and I was screaming at the stupid infants face and my friends were hating on me becuase they thought it was cute so when the meme started I felt like the world agreed with me
Vampire Killer
Vampire Killer 7 hours ago
CC Lewis
CC Lewis 7 hours ago
Me, one of those 4 people who still watches the walking dead: word?
TBF Orange
TBF Orange 7 hours ago
Ah yes finaly a rust meme
Dale White
Dale White 7 hours ago
10:06 this is why you use * for typos.
TheMagnumDon 7 hours ago
I love the edits
Lochy Davids
Lochy Davids 7 hours ago
5:33 The Pure DISRESPECT
Bo 28111
Bo 28111 7 hours ago
I think this style of editing would work if it's a special case for "Twitter Tuesdays". Other than that, it'd be too much.