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In 1994, DC created a line of shoes specifically for skateboarders with a mission to make a significant change in skateboard shoe style and elevate skateboarding performance to the highest level. That mission grew to create a brand that forever changed the face of action sports.

Today, DC stands as a global brand whose product line has expanded to include men's, women's and kids' skateboarding and lifestyle shoes, apparel, snowboards, snowboard boots, outerwear and accessories.
As one of the cornerstones of its marketing strategy, DC has built a world-class team of professional skateboarding, snowboarding, and motocross athletes that exemplify and enhance DC's brand, develop its signature products, and support its promotional efforts.

DC continues to stay true to its original mission-to be the most sought after skate driven action sports brand.
6 months ago
Year ago
Benn34 Hour ago
imagine going to your local and seeing this guy shredding............
Liam Raven
Liam Raven 5 hours ago
Sorry I’m 8 years late
Team Retro
Team Retro 11 hours ago
I recall this when I was nine or ten years old when I first watched this. Years later, it's still a masterpiece, even to this day.
Team Retro
Team Retro 12 hours ago
This is truly a real blast from the past.
Ватная фабрика имени Красных партизан
2:29 Эй, эй, трамваи ненастоящие!
amidagadir 18 hours ago
Bon ben ... ya plus qu'à recycler les 10 litres de flotte du nettoyage !
emmanuel loyola
11 años buscado la canción de Philadelphia y decidí preguntarle por instagram a dompierre y me dijo que esa canción. Es un track que un DJ grabó en el momento y se perdió para siempre
Patrick Reid
Patrick Reid Day ago
He should be in street leagues
Anuesso Da choppa
How the city of san fransisco is empty no nothing?
Sunildeep Singh
This is so badass and impressive, I wish I could have the driving skills of Ken Block, no matter what kind of vehicle you drive.
Jamel Piclit
Jamel Piclit 2 days ago
How does he turn? Is there a front rudder?
CallOf Swatz
CallOf Swatz 2 days ago
Imagine this being your getaway driver
Un rato de todo
Un rato de todo 2 days ago
Does anyone know what the name of the bases is called That occupy
Rishabelle Fernandez
He's the best mate
donkeytico13 3 days ago
wow! cant believe i have never seen that until today. good shit!!
Lloyd Emil A. Colot
I MADE DARMADA 4 days ago
covid 19
covid 19 4 days ago
Now put chains on the snow trax
N E 4 days ago
Ken Block could be a Fast and the Furious stunt driver
Dhika Putra
Dhika Putra 4 days ago
good old days
KiberGnida 4 days ago
Ken Block is the Mother foking GOOD!!!! No matter kind of a car!!!
KiberGnida 4 days ago
Skapan форд . {itnq
NightFox 5 days ago
Just imagine watching this in 2020... oh wait I am
Chaccyyy 5 days ago
Im aware this is a little late, but I was rewatching the entire gymkhana series and how do they get clearance to do all of this in big cities and stuff like this? Like they went through A LOT of sanfran
мишка топтыжка
а теперь то ж самое тока как я на ваз 2107
Le Gros Geek du 01
Paid'nGames 6 days ago
hands down one of the best parts ever filmed
Chris Dutton
Chris Dutton 6 days ago
Imagine running out of gas
XoDimeZzZ 6 days ago
Use the waves as jumps???
Eliseu Arruda
Eliseu Arruda 6 days ago
20mil deslikes da galera que faria melhor né, toma no cu inveja do caraio.
Maru PH
Maru PH 7 days ago
JerryS 7 days ago
Looks like fun!
Fadel Gunawan
Fadel Gunawan 7 days ago
0:57 is so satisfying
Villas Viby Kruse 7KL
This shit is deep
Lonzo Smith
Lonzo Smith 8 days ago
2020 and still love this❤️
Андрей Обуховский
Вы крутой человек
Андрей Обуховский
Здравствуйте как вас зовут
Keun Pruitt
Keun Pruitt 8 days ago
Surfer: Hey bro you wanna go catch an afternoon surf sesh? The waves are looking moist brah! Robbie: Hell yeah let me just throw on my boots helmet! Surfer: 🤔 🤷🤯
Someone Different
This video alone is why sti hatchbacks are still so much
Vito82 8 days ago
Moon work😃😃😃 I love Ken Block Moonwalk I love Hello ken block
Ryan P
Ryan P 8 days ago
It's so satisfying how he lands on the downbeat
Ryan P
Ryan P 8 days ago
I need more skate parts with metallica in the backround man, good stuff...
kazi rohan
kazi rohan 9 days ago
สาธิต กันพล
Michael Lee
Michael Lee 9 days ago
dude i think our teacher showed us this and she was like look at all the tire marks on the street
Kevin Andrés Villavicencio
Overrated driver its only a Tv show man and a shame in official Motorsport competitions
Alex 9 days ago
release more kalis ogs not this shit
Angela Trinh
Angela Trinh 9 days ago
Even after all this time this part is still easily his best part I would say.
Frank Johnson
Frank Johnson 10 days ago
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Miklós Iván
Miklós Iván 11 days ago
Dr Rhomboid Goatcabin
F*cking horrible. In every sense.
Егор Astra
Егор Astra 11 days ago
Цареградцеву дайте прокатиться епт)
DerpDerp 11 days ago
everybody gangsta till ken block wrecks off the golden gate brige...
TheSonic X33
TheSonic X33 11 days ago
Vito82 11 days ago
KC Smooth
KC Smooth 12 days ago
This man can fucking drive.
Saul Chavez
Saul Chavez 12 days ago
The best part of his career 🤙 love you killa
Bob lam
Bob lam 12 days ago
Did he have a driver licence?
Calthecool 12 days ago
When your friend invites you to ride jet-skis but you only have a dirtbike.
Baxa Yuldashaliyev
Baxa Yuldashaliyev 12 days ago
jacob wiering
jacob wiering 12 days ago
Are they putting out a Ripley jacket this year? I can't seem to find anything on it?
karlkidd1 12 days ago
1:57 switch 3 flip nosegrind? I do that in my sleep... Haha man, sooooo sick
karlkidd1 12 days ago
So SICK!!! I met matt in Santa Cruz a long time ago. He's a super/crazy nice guy. Much love!!
Eween Mj
Eween Mj 12 days ago
Dad: who need drift skills when you have this... Me: laughing😆😆😆
DerpDerp 11 days ago
everybody gangsta till ken block gets YEETED off the golden gate brige...
Kakashi Omar
Kakashi Omar 13 days ago
It's like a movie trailer
BenseBuilt 14 days ago
This is how you get unsubscribed.
Tyler Rivenbark
Tyler Rivenbark 14 days ago
When did they shoot this? During the week of Burning Man?
homeofchad 14 days ago
Carlie Hanson is awesome 👏🏼
Zack Silva
Zack Silva 13 days ago
said nobody ever
Imad Kaim lila
Imad Kaim lila 14 days ago
I'm amazed by the design not the voice or the girl... #LoveDCSHOES
Imad Kaim lila
Imad Kaim lila 14 days ago
Your brand is insane
legonewf 14 days ago
k den
Adam and joe hall
Adam and joe hall 14 days ago
I remember my dad showing me this video and it got me into cars and I still love this video 7or8 years later
I like frogs . one year ago.
DC trying to go the main stream instead of pleasing their core buyers again. It's ok I suppose. Like the white hoodie so the advert worked on me lol.
Steezy Skateboarding
Matt Miller 2020 ruvid.net/video/video-cXXafzkePo4.html
Steezy Skateboarding
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BiG JuiCe
BiG JuiCe 14 days ago
Now Rob went Hollywood and doing it big now!
pyrotechnick 15 days ago
Having grown up playing San Francisco Rush for the N64 AND having grown up in the town next to San Francisco makes this a very special video for me lol
pyrotechnick 15 days ago
As if traffic was bad enough in the city, they had to close the bay bridge down for this? bhahhhaha
miguel cave
miguel cave 15 days ago
Watching in October 2020